Military Clash With Boko Haram In Kastina Leaving Two Dead

Two suspected Boko Haram sect members were killed in a gun battle between the sect, and Nigerian soldiers, in Katsina Friday morning, SaharaReporters has learned. A top government official in Katsina told our SaharaReporters correspondent at the scene.

According to the source, troops clashed with the terrorist in the Polo field area of Katsina town, after first trailing them to their hideout, and after extensive intelligence gathering.

The Commander of the Nigerian army troops in Katsina, Lt-Col. Alhassan Grema, when contacted by SaharaReporters confirmed the incident. The shoot out was described as “intense.”

He added, that the troops acted on a tip from a local resident that the two men had sneaked into the town under the cover of darkness from Kano.



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