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These 10 Mistakes Denies Nigerians from Getting Visa (See #4)

These 10 Mistakes Denies Nigerians from Getting Visa (See #4) |

Mistakes Nigerians make during Visa application: The general belief out there is that you require to build up your “travel resume”, just the way you will build up your “professional resume” in order to get visa from countries like United States Schengen countries (Italy, France, Germany etc) and United Kingdom, while this holds water for the earlier mentioned countries or group of countries, it is not entirely correct for the United Kingdom. These 10 Mistakes Denies Nigerians from Getting Visa (See #4)

1. Not Prepared for the Interview

Preparing for interview can better equip and give you confidence in the interview. Researching and preparing well with for commonly asked questions and their correct answers will help a great deal in the interview.

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2. Incomplete and Untruthful Information

This is very important as any incomplete/false information can lead to delay. False information can predict your future ability to apply for US visa. It may also cause legal actions against you.

3. Incomplete Documentation

All required documents must be carried along with complete and authentic information. Bringing and keeping your documentation in an organized way can leave a positive impression on the interview officer.


4. Not Carrying Appropriate Fee

The US consulate has strict payment methods. Make sure you are aware of the method and the exact amount of the fee. For example, US consulates use bank drafts for visa application and visa issuance fee and not cash.

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