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These 10 Powerful Forces Run the World

9. YKK Zippers

YKK-Zippers These 10 Powerful Forces Run the World
The Japanese company Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha (YKK) for short makes 90% of the zippers on Earth. The company does not outsource a single operation including the machines that it makes the zippers on. Even the manufacturing machines are built by the company on their own which eventually produce zippers so dependable, that only a few clothing companies will risk not using them. The man who started the company initially made zippers for his own self but was not satisfied with the existing production methods and he devised his own machines. Thus 90% of the world’s population using zippers depends on YKK. In fact it is so common that people have asked questions like “Why does every zipper has YKK stamped on it?”

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8. The ESRB

The-ESRB These 10 Powerful Forces Run the World
The ESRB is one the top 10 powerful forces that are running the world because they are a group of six individuals who would decide whether a video game should appear on the shelves of major retailers of the world or not. The decision is made based on their personal morals. So if some game developer know them or understands their psyche well, they could be in for a major breakthrough in their game development life. Game developing is one of the most paying professions that college graduates with no strong financial background can use in order to get rich. It is also amongst the top ranking professions in the world.

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