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10 Reasons why Guy are absessed whit big Booties

1000x678xbooty.jpg.pagespeed.ic_.yoRR07ngDs 10 Reasons why Guy are absessed whit big Booties

When was the last time that you, as a man, evaluated what your type of woman is? Do you prefer the skinny mini or the meaty? Are you a legs guy? Do you like a toned back or stunning arms? Maybe you have jumped on media trends where one day it is a nice physique and the other, it is the au natural look. Maybe now you have jumped on the big b*tt hype that has hit Hollywood; men seem to be easily influenced and can sometimes have unrealistic images of what a woman’s body should truly look like. Images of big butts are constantly being tossed in people’s faces, so do we really have to question why men are now somewhat obsessed with having a big booty girl? Because society is so easily influenced, it is not hard to believe that more men are now in love with woman who possess that curvy figure that they so enjoy looking at. So what draws men to this figure? Could it really be the media? They can’t have that much influence, can they? This can simply be chalked up to the fact that society is changing along with trends, what was once hot is simply now not and men are being more open about what they value in their women because at the end of the day, no matter how hard one tries to deny it; the ultimate goal in life for most people is to have a family, and a significant other who they can look at 20 or 30 years from now and still want to roll in the hay with. Who knows how long the big booty will be sought after but for now, here are a few damn good reasons why men are obsessed with a big b*tt.

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