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26 Year Old Nigerian Girl Murdered In Cold Blood By Flat Mate In The United States

ryan-allen-klug-mug 26 Year Old Nigerian Girl Murdered In Cold Blood By Flat Mate In The United States

In a very sad report, a young Nigerian girl is reported to have been killed by her Caucasian flatmate in the US. See how Foxnews reports unfortunate the incident below:

    Columbus police obtained an arrest warrant for a man wanted for murder.
    They’re looking for 36-year-old Ryan Allen Klug, who they say is now the prime suspect in the murder of 26-year-old Adaobi M. Obih, who was found dead Tuesday in an apartment. Police initially said Klug was a “person of interest” in the case.
    Columbus police don’t think Klug is still in the area and said multiple law enforcement agencies were looking for him.

More after the cut:

Police were alerted to Obih’s death after she missed work Monday and Tuesday without notifying anyone. Concerned coworkers contacted her apartment complex to ask about her. Police also contacted the property manager to request a welfare check, according to the arrest affidavit.

A maintenance worker went to check on the woman and said, “It’s not good, there is blood everywhere” after going to Obih’s apartment.

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A neighbor said he noticed that the door to Obih’s garage spot was open and had been open for at least 24 hours. Klug, who police described as Obih’s roommate, parked his vehicle there.

The maintenance worker told police there were no signs of forced entry at the apartment and that only two people would’ve had keys: Obih and Klug. The maintenance worker told police he found Obih with a “large amount of blood around her head” and said it appeared clear that she was dead.

adaobi-m-obih 26 Year Old Nigerian Girl Murdered In Cold Blood By Flat Mate In The United States

adaobi-m-obih1 26 Year Old Nigerian Girl Murdered In Cold Blood By Flat Mate In The United States

adaobi-m-obih2 26 Year Old Nigerian Girl Murdered In Cold Blood By Flat Mate In The United States

Police talked to Obih’s boyfriend, who revealed that he’d texted and called her multiple times but never heard back. The last message he received from her was at 12:17 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 17. When she failed to respond, he went to her apartment, saw her car in the parking lot and knocked on the door. Obih didn’t answer.

A neighbor who lives in the apartment below Obih’s said it sounded like someone was moving furniture during Sunday afternoon. “It went on for more than three minutes,” the neighbor said.

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Police said Klug had texted a pastor asking him to call. When the pastor did so, Klug answered and said he couldn’t talk at the time.

Further investigation found that Obih had been stabbed multiple times and her throat cut. A blood trail went from the woman’s bedroom to Klug’s, and police said it appeared “the assailant attempted to clean up in the bathroom area belonging to Mr. Klug.” They also found a bloody towel in Klug’s sink. Police located a plastic bag containing a bloody sock and other clothes stained with blood, including blue jeans, boxers and a shirt. Police said the “amount of blood on these items was significant.”

Police found a trail of small blood drops leading from the apartment to the garage where Klug parked his vehicle. His 2008 silver Subaru Legacy was not parked in the garage.

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Klug works for the Indiana Department of Transportation, and police contacted his supervisor, who told them Klug’s behavior had been “off” lately. He sent a text message Sunday saying, “s!ck tomorrow, then vacation next two weeks.” His supervisor said the message was out of character and also violated the department’s vacation time policy. Klug did not return texts or phone calls, his supervisor said. He didn’t show up at work Monday or Tuesday.

Klug’s stepmother and father said they hadn’t heard from him for several days.

His brother told police he’d spoken with Klug about two weeks ago. Klug wanted to get back with a girl he’d dated. The relationship ended about a year ago. His brother told Klug to call her; he said Klug discovered she was dating someone else and told him, “I’m losing control.”

His motive for killing her remains yet unknown.

Sad! May Her Soul Rest in Perfect peace.

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