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5 Reasons You Always Wake Up Tired (Remedies Included)

The feeling of fatigue in the morning can affect your energy levels, dampen your mood, motivation, and verve, thereby putting productivity in jeopardy.

sleep2110338098 5 Reasons You Always Wake Up Tired (Remedies Included)

Some of the causative factors of early-morning tiredness are often as a result of everyday habits.

Here are five reasons you wake up feeling groggy, and what to do about it.
1. The internet never sleeps

And so you don’t. Whether it’s catching up on that television series, responding to messages, emails, streaming a movie or anything that has to do with a device, the bright lights, according to Mark Rosekind, PhD, keeps you from “both falling asleep and sleeping well”.

How to fix it:

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Put down that device when it’s nearing sleep time. It’s as simple as that.

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