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7 Normal Habits Guys Unknowingly Love About You [The Lady]

7-Female-Habits-Guys-Love-For-No-Reason 7 Normal Habits Guys Unknowingly Love About You [The Lady]We’re all weird. The trick to finding love, therefore, is seeking out people who won’t just tolerate our weirdness. They’ll love us for it.

Luckily, a lot of the weird things that people do are completely and totally lovable. It’s important for a woman to find a man who loves her for her weirdness. And while it’s true that everyone is a little different, there are a few weird things girls do that guys love — for almost no reason at all.

1. THE WAY YOU SLEEP: If your man loves you, he almost certainly enjoys — from time to time — watching you sleep. If he happens to wake up before you and turns around to find you fast asleep, chances are that he can’t help but smile.

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Now, don’t think this means you’re an adorable sleeper. Some people are not pretty sleepers. Some drool. Some make awkward faces. But if your man loves you, then he almost certainly loves the way you sleep.

You may look like a weirdo, but he loves that weirdo.

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