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Ashraph [@iAm_Ashraph] - On Some Dope Sh*t [OSDS]

OSDS-artwork Ashraph [@iAm_Ashraph] - On Some Dope Sh*t [OSDS]

Here's a dope Hip-Hop Mixtape Album as Ashraph who's full name is Mohammed Ashraph Mohammed JNR, A 21 year old boy from Kogi State, Nigeria decides to drop his first and most anticipated mixtape "OSDS".

Ashraph is an unsigned artist who once led the crazy crew of 4 "Ill-Squad" till they all decided to go solo. He has single handedly found his way into the hearts of many as he has been holding his hip hop game down real good.

He said OSDS is just "small" out of what he got in store for his fans.
And he had a lot of fun in every track.

Ashraph has appeared in a lot of events with Kogi State Carnival where he last performed "Badman" a track off the tape which made a lot of waves, one of the reason the anticipation people had for his mixtape boosted after he stole the show and made it clear "He is taking over".

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Ashraph calls every track on this offering "Dope". Saying it is the main reason he chose to title the mixtape "On Some Dope Sh*t".
Grew up in a very rough and tough place where hustling and bustling is always going on, and one has to be strong to survive. This pushed him to do some Gangster Rap.

His sleek rhymes, sweet delivery, accent and versatility is totally off the hook.

Some lines he dropped I couldn't help but love;

"There aint nothing that I can't do/
So f**k all you lame fools/
Cos Ash be the man who k!cks knowledge so hard till my feet's gettin brains too/" - Hard Shii

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"This is real talk. . Only fakers wouldn't listen/
Err'time I pull glocks err'dude be missing/
Cos I'on fear "jails".. Nah! I just do the mission/
"Serving time" to real thugs? Be our true religion!!/" - How It Goes Down"

"My team's scaring these old dawgs/
it is a take over. . they can barely oppose us/
we heavy with cold talks/. . They dare me? The fo' pops/
And Shit gets uglier dan OBJ's face when he is getting a blow job"

Favourite Tracks off the tape;

- Safe To Say
- Random Tales
- How It Goes Down
- Hard Shii

OSDS was Mixed n Mastered By Kogi State's finest Dj/Producer. Dj Kulbriz. Enjoy!

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Track List



3. Gun Harmonizing DOWNLOAD

4. Hello, Good Morning (Feat Speerz) DOWNLOAD

5. How it goes down DOWNLOAD

6. Hard shii (Feat YL and Dlokz) DOWNLOAD

7. Safe to say DOWNLOAD

8. Killer (Feat Ola Dips) DOWNLOAD

9. Random Tales (Feat Noble Genius) DOWNLOAD

10. Badman (Feat K1) DOWNLOAD

11. White flag (Freestyle) DOWNLOAD

12. Thou Shall (Feat ILL) DOWNLOAD

13. All Back DOWNLOAD


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