Cookiee Kawaii – Hey DJ (Audio)

Cookiee Kawaii - Hey DJ

Cookiee Kawaii is back with “Hey DJ”. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download the song.

Cookiee Kawaii Hey Dj
Cookiee Kawaii Hey Dj

TikTok is already a necessary tool to succeed in the music industry but it certainly feels like some of these songs are being forced down our throats with manufactured challenges. However, there are many artists who’ve had organic growths through the platform that eventually led to nationwide airplay. Cookiee Kawaii blasted to success with “Vibe” which later received a remix with Tyga.


Even though she’s been relatively low-key since the top of the year, she emerged on Friday with the release of her latest single, “Hey DJ.” It’s an upbeat record that finds Cookiee weaving through the laidback production with flows and melodies. While it does lean more towards electronic than it does hip-hop, Cookiee Kawaii is proving to be a master at tying both together in an authentic way.

Cookiee Kawaii – Hey DJ

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