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Day 2 (Evening) - Easter Youth Camp 2018 - Encounter with Destiny

unnamed291220869 Day 2 (Evening) - Easter Youth Camp 2018 - Encounter with Destiny

Teacher: Pastor Daniel Oluwaseun
(Ekenhuan Church - Resident Pastor)

Message: On The Way to My High Places
John 14:12

No matter what, there is enough capacity in you to rule your world.
Acts 16:14
The word you dont do will do you nothing, the word you dont act upon will do nothing for you.

Continuous success, development is what is meant by being on the way to high places.

A believer that stops taking step will start dying. It is what you cannot start that will not grow.

The cheapest way to Your High Places is To continually be a productive believer.

You time anywhere is a fraction of your life but it counts.
Many have lost their destinies because they are not productive in the church.

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How to Get to Your High Places
1. Must engage in the Power of Kingdom advancement Prayer.

Prayer is asking and receiving from God, if you have not received from God you have not asked. Prayer is effedctual and result oriented of it is in dialogue with God not monologue. You must be sensistive to the point that You Hear God when He is speaking to You.
Prayer is seeking the mind of God on an Issue and receiving relevant Instructions

Prayer effects in advancing the Kingdom.
a. Sharpest of all Sickles of Harvest.

The Holyghost the Lord of Harvest can only be moved by Prayers. 1 John 5:8, John 16:7,
Holyghost = The CEO of the NOW Church.
Acts 24:29

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The quality of the Product determines the Quality of who you put. In charge.
Acts 2:14, Acts 2:6.

Prayer changes people and not things.
The Labour room of prayers is the birthplace of multitudes.
(Charles G Feeding, John nobs)
You can never run dry of revelation if you are filled with the Holyghost. Ephesians 1:17.

Righteous is not that you are committing sin, it is everything is right about you. Psalm 1:1.

Prayer Protocol - Mathew 6:9-11
a. Praise - Solid Praise - Psalm 100:4
-> Thanks Giving is appreciating God for all He has done for You. Psalm 124:1

b. Praise - celebrating His power and His Sovereignty. Genesis 17:1, Psalm 21:3/:7

c. Worship - surrendering all to God and celebrating His readiness to Listen and Attend to You.

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Jesus killed himself for you, can't you kill your Pride for Him.

Mathew 6:9

d. Affirm and Reaffirm your faith. Reestablishing your confidence in Him.
Romans 10:14, Hebrews 10:35, Jude 1:3

e. Live a kingdom oriented life Acts 1:8.
Your comportment before, during and after prayer matters. John 2
Your discipline after prayer is also as important as before praying.

f. You request. Mathew 6:9, 1 John 5:14, Isaiah 23:46, Isaiah 41:21, Mathew 6:12

g. Still Comport yourself - Luke 17:1 Mathew 6:11-12/:14-15.

h. Live a Life of Forgiveness - Mathew 14:15

g. You end again with Praise and Worship.

Transcribed by Akonedo Jeffrey,

ICT Unit, YAFuwasota, Edo State

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