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DJ Khaled Narrowly Escapes Death

DJ Khaled Narrowly Escapes Death |

Award-winning record producer, DJ Khaled escapes death after he got into a jet ski accident on Wednesday.

Khaled took to his Instagram page to share a video of injuries he sustained on one of his legs.

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According to him, he was on his way to Diddy’s house via his jet ski when he smashed into a floating tree.

The 42-year-old said he wanted to ride over the branches, but got stuck and received painful scratches on his leg.

“This ain’t no joke. I am stuck! This ain’t no joke, team. Never a joke, that’s the problem. S—! Honey, I just text you. Check your text… anybody know my people, tell them to check their texts, tell them I took the secret route.”

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“To be honest with you the only reason why I’m documenting this… is because in life there are roadblocks and you have to overcome every roadblock. The key is don’t panic. Don’t panic. Don’t panic.”

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