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Download MP3: Tamara [@tambunus] – Las-Gidi Boi

Lasgidi-Social Download MP3: Tamara [@tambunus] – Las-Gidi Boi"Tamarameiyayeifa Bunuzigha also known as Tamara is a unique singer, songwriter and performer with a unique sound. He hails from the south-south part of Nigeria . He released a song called girl some weeks ago and got good reviews from the public and social media. Now he’s dropping two official singles, ‘shak sumtin‘ and ‘las-gidi boi‘.

Shak sumtin is a high-life melodious song for the old and young, and las-gidi boi is a urban, naija trap song Nigerians will love. Enjoy!"

Download MP3: Tamara – Las-Gidi Boi