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A$AP Rocky – “Bass” [Audio, Lyrics]

A$AP Rocky is back with a new “Bass” song produced by Clams Casino. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the song.

A$ap Rocky Bass

A$ap Rocky Bass

Though there are many who found A$AP Rocky’s latest studio album Testing to be rather challenging, in hindsight, it’s easy to understand how his style reached that point. With rumblings that his upcoming ALL $MILES project might drop at some point this year, it feels appropriate to circle back to the early days of Flacko, where the seeds of his adventurous approach were initially planted.

For many, Live. Love. A$AP marked an introduction to the Harlem rapper, who appeared to find a kindred creative spirit in Clams Casino. Though Clams contributed a variety of tracks to the breakout tape, one of the biggest highlights arrives by way of “Bass.” Flacko switches his style in Jekyll/Hyde fashion, shifting between pitched-down vocals and his more familiar cadence while the beat follows suit. Though many have called Testing a major departure from “older Rocky,” it actually feels like a logical conclusion to his work with Clams, “Bass” included.

A$AP Rocky – Bass (prod. Clams Casino)


[Intro: Bloody Loco & Voice 2]
So recognize that shit, you better fuckin’ recognize that fuckin’ name right now…
I recognize, I recognize
Recognize that shit, A$AP
A… fucking $AP
I recognize
You don’t play no fuckin’ fear in my heart

[Verse 1: A$AP Rocky]
These other niggas so-so, they open off my mojo
Spanish Sophie with a half a kilo by her cho-cho
Blow it out your culo, who got dough on the smoke though
My partner had cinco now we blowin’ on that ocho
Bozos love my rose gold, purple got me slow-mo
Stuntin’ like I’m Dorothy but my rubies in my gold though
What you think this four for, these niggas must be loco
Steppin’ on these bricks and for your fix so call me Toto
Follow me, follow me, follow me now

[Verse 2: A$AP Rocky]
Now I’mma come through getting down
Got a new Cadillac with a diamond in the back
Got a bitch and she bad with about a hundred tats
Got my goons on deck, and we got a hundred straps
What you know about that, got me swaggin’ to the max
Everybody know we got the shit and baggages to match
Better come correct, fuck what the basis is
Gold grills like a set of new braces

[Verse 3: A$AP Rocky]
Why they comment on my set though, they lookin’ cause my neck gold
And I let that Tec show… hear that echo?
Let go, that medal, .38 special, to your threshold
Niggas actin’ petro, like they sexual, was metro
Bunch of bad bitches fuckin’ out on tour
Like it through the back door, give it to her raw
Shimmy shimmy ya: ODB, ODB
Fuckin’ other niggas’ broads: OPP, OPP

[Verse 4: A$AP Rocky]
Comin’ down stuntin’ like a bitch, bitches on my dick
On the set and they like the nicotine to cigarette
How they fiending for a nigga got these hoes up on my sack
Got my niggas in the back, couple bitches in the bed
ASAP where it’s at, where that weed, how that cake
Bitches all up in my face, back back, give me space
‘Cause you know how we do it, niggas scream ASAP
Aye Clams nigga, tell me where that bass at?

[Outro: A$AP Rocky]
Bass, uhh!

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