Action Bronson – SubZero (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Date 2022-04-07

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Action Bronson premieres the music video for The Alchemist-produced song titled “SubZero”. Listen, read the lyric, buy, stream, mp3 download.

Action Bronson Subzero

Action Bronson Subzero

Two years since the release of Action Bronson’s last album, Only For Dolphins, and he’s preparing for the release of another aquatic-themed body of work. The rapper unveiled his last single, “SubZero” this afternoon, alongside a trippy, action-packed music video. The song is produced by his long-time collaborator The Alchemist who cooks up a groovy, jazz-inspired beat that offers Bronson all the room in the world to get off some outrageous flexes.

The new single was accompanied by the announcement of his forthcoming album, Cocodrill Turbo, due out on April 29th. “I first came up with this album while in the water. I’ve spent many lifetimes in the water. I’m just a water man. I was born in the water, I’m a water sign,” he said in an announcement.

Cocodrill Turbo will boast appearances from Conway, Roc Marciano, and more with production coming from The Alchemist, Daringer,  as well as Bronson himself.

Action Bronson – SubZero (prod. The Alchemist)

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[Verse 1]
Running through the woods, I drop my nine in the snow (Uh) Ten feet deep, look like a pile of blow
Had to choke a motherfucker on the side of the road (Uh)
I can feel my blood boil, man, I’m out of control (Yeah)
Wetsuit thick so I can shred when it’s ice (Uh)
Then lay in bed with your wife (Uh)
And get mad head from your wife (Uh)
Then get out of bed with your wife (Ah)
‘Cause I don’t cut the bread with a knife (Ah)
I rip it like a man supposed to
Leather jacket, Mickey Mantel poster (True)
Rock bottom through the buffet
Chicken wings flying every motherfuckin’ which-a-way
Hash burning while a motherfucker’s switching lanes
My pants rip away (Uh, ha-ha)
Arm out the window, leave you crippled
Dawg, it’s been six years, I’m trying to get in contact with Pitbull
We’ve got some business to get into (Uh)
Short story long, your shit is like soft porn (Uh)
Write your name on a list and cross it off (Off)
I drag deer in the swamp (Uh)
Then I roll twenty-five times and disappear in the swamp (Whoo)
Four Rolls-Royces disappeared off the lot (Whoo)
And then four Rolls-Royces just appeared on the block (Whoo)
I had to wrestle two bears for the title shot (Uh)
Kamikaze in the plane baby, sayonara (Nyeeeaow)

Uh, bitch, motherfucker (Psssshhhh), it’s me

[Verse 2]
It’s the final board (Uh)
Young Baklava signing off (True)
Drink fluid out your spinal cord (Uh-huh)
Come through, same Jerry Curl, that Lionel (Uh)
Me and you, it’s like a lion versus a boar (Same)
Both eyes open blasting iron through the door (Boom)
Twenty canisters of tear gas
Slide them on the floor like James Brown’s shoes (John Wick)
I had your bitch drinking man juice (Uh), high top canvas (Uh)
Straps on the black vandals (Ah)
Time for battle, paint face like John Randle (Ah)
I’m like Gama with the Gada (Whoo)
Easily triggered by old trauma (True), motherfucker
And you know I voted for Obama (Bitch), it’s me

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