Adele – All Night Parking (ft. Erroll Garner) (Audio, Lyrics)

Adele - All Night Parking (ft. Erroll Garner) (prod. Greg Kurstin & Joey Pecoraro)

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Adele All Night Parking
Adele All Night Parking

In her interview for the November 2021 issue of Rolling Stone, Adele said that she was able to briefly find love again after her divorce. There are a few songs on the album about this first relationship after her separation. The Erroll Garner-sampling “All Night Parking” one of these, an ode to the intoxicating feeling of falling for someone new.
Unfortunately, the romance was long-distance and doomed from the start.

[It] was a great learning curve and nice to feel loved, but it was never going to work.

Adele – All Night Parking (ft. Erroll Garner) (prod. Greg Kurstin & Joey Pecoraro)

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[Verse 1]
I know you’ve got things to do (I do, too)
I just wanna spend all my time with you (It feels so good)
I’m so hard to impress, don’t leave me on this stretch alone
When I’m out at a party, I’m just excited to get home

And dream about you
All night long

[Verse 2]
I don’t know how you got through to me (I’m so cold)
It’s all happenin’ so easily (Like, oh, my God)
It’s so hard to digest, usually, I’m best alone
But every time that you text, I want to get on the next flight home

And dream next to you
All night long

[Verse 3]
Maybe it’s the way you remind me of (Where I come from)
Or how you make me feel beautiful (And then some)
The sight of you is dramatic, one glimpse and I panic inside
I get lost in our hours ’cause you possess powers I can’t fight

That’s why I dream about you
All night long
All night long
All night

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