Aminé – Hello (ft. Luke Steele) (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2020-08-22

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Aminé returns with “Hello” featuring Luke Steele. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song produced by The Stereotypes & Pasqué.

Aminé Hello

Aminé Hello

Just when you thought Aminé was wrapping up, he returned to follow-up his recent Limbo album with yet another new single. This time, the rapper has teamed up with Luke Steele of Empire Of The Sun fame, coming together to drop off the experimental and vibey new single “Hello.” It’s unclear as to whether Aminé is gearing up to drop off a Deluxe Edition to his latest, but either way, “Hello” provides everything fans have come to love about the stylistically fluid Portland artist.

Here, the backdrop is somehow minimalist and busy, with a steady beat building as the track progresses. The beginning is largely reserved for Steele’s falsetto vocals, reminiscent of the work Justin Vernon and Kanye West put forth back in the day. Aminé wastes little time in sauntering into the mix, sliding in with his opening lyrics — “I’m a hot boy, you know I be where the sun be / used to be a bum now I’m looking like I’m Bun B.”

Aminé – Hello (ft. Luke Steele) (prod. The Stereotypes & Pasqué)


[Intro: Luke Steele]
Danger in the street, lookin’ into my eye
Seems like I’m feelin’ the last time
Strange things over me, changin’ up my life
All these feelings come out, out

[Chorus: Luke Steele]
Hel-el-el-el-lo, he-el-el-el-lo
What you say? (Danger)
Hel-el-el-el-lo, he-el-el-el-lo
What you say? (Ooh)

[Verse 1: Aminé]
(Mic check, mic check, free)
Look, I’m a hot boy, you know I’d be with her sun be
Used to be a bum, now I’m looking like I’m Bun B
Had to go crazy, had to go crazy
These niggas don’t faze me, these niggas don’t faze me
Hello world, I’m the mighty one
Y’all Aminé’s sons, bought a Rivian
Say somethin’ when you want to say it
Don’t second guess it like you scared of somethin’ (Yeah)
Good riddance to the barbershop (Yeah)
Open up a new coffee shop
Who the fuck are you? Danger coming like a petty cop

[Chorus: Luke Steele & Aminé]
Hel-el-el-el-lo (Limbo), he-el-el-el-lo
What you say? (Danger)
Hel-el-el-el-lo (Hello), he-el-el-el-lo (Hello)
What you say? (Uh, let me tell you)

[Verse 2: Aminé]
Shoppin’ so much that my arm gettin’ stretch marks
Stuntin’ like a winner but I treat her like a sweetheart (Yeah)
The brain so stupid, A-K-A, you know the head smart (True)
Y’all thought y’all was ahead, but I just gave you a head start
Hi hater, bye hater, hello to the world
And hell nah if you want a favor, run into my thoughts
In the fall ’cause the summer’s stupid, A-K-A, I gotta do it
You know we been cookin’, boy, y’all ain’t danger to us

[Chorus: Luke Steele & Aminé]
Hel-el-el-el-lo (Limbo), he-el-el-el-lo (Limbo)
What you say? (Danger)
Hel-el-el-el-lo (Hello), he-el-el-el-lo (Hello)
What you say? (Uh, let me tell youLimbo)

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