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Mpmania Mix 39

Berner & B-Real – Ain’t Nothin (ft. Cam’ron) (Audio, Lyrics)

Throwback to the collaboration by Berner & B-Real titled “Ain’t Nothin” featuring Cam’ron. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song.

Berner & B Real Ain't Nothin

Berner & B Real Ain’t Nothin

Berner & B-Real – Ain’t Nothin (ft. Cam’ron)


[Verse 1: B-Real]
[?] smoking the breeze, Cali living
Soul trippin to get it dog, we all winning
[?] won’t stop going all out
Haters getting tossed out
[?] ball ouI’m still amazing, calone in my pocket
[?] blazing and you won’t stop it
[?] 24 hours
Even if I’m in the [?]
[?] the culture
Get love from my people [?]
I got a ton on it
Green thumb on it
Weed blowin like a joint with Big Pun on it
West coast putting y in the air
Smokers everywhere, smoking like they don’t care
They tell me wrote it up
I ask what’s it to ya?
[?] it ain’t nothing to ya

[Chorus: Berner]
It ain’t nothing
It ain’t nothing
It ain’t nothing
Ain’t nothing to you

[Verse 2: Berner]
Empty pill bottles, bending corners in Colerato
I don’t speed [?] Marocco
Yeah they call me Choppo, I just let the money pile
I miss my mother’s smile, still hurt it’s been a while
All black, yello gold, yeah VVS
It ain’t nothing, I can’t ever let them see me sweat
See me flex, with this price, they ain’t beat me yet
80 M, 150 leaving on a jet
Hold it in till your chest burn and you choke
Inside of the Benz look like a boat
My swag’s in this bag, fuck your outfit
More money here, more grow houses
No keys, push a button
Of course I wanna shine, we ain’t work this hard for nothing
Came from nothing
How we fuckin, and you go home to your husband
I look him in his eyes like

[Chorus: Berner]
It ain’t nothing
It ain’t nothing
It ain’t nothing
Ain’t nothing to you

[Verse 3: Cam’ron]
Me, Berner and B-Real, let’s be real
Us 3, 10 bitches up inside of [?]
I don’t pay for pussy, me I’m geting free feels
They lined up like I’m giving out free meals
No bluffin, just stuntin
When cops question me, nigga I know nothing
And my aditude always been fuck a bitch
You don’t like it, turn the channel to suck a dick
I [?] couple girls [?]
[?] other shit
This the evelution of a revelution
Tell them niggas that oh, I need my restitution
I’m like Khalad, but I keep it cooler
Dipset, Bird Gang, [?]
[?] birds [?]

[Chorus: Berner]
It ain’t nothing
It ain’t nothing
It ain’t nothing
Ain’t nothing to you

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