Berner – Untouchable (Intro) (ft. John Gotti) (Audio, Lyrics)

Berner - Untouchable (Intro) (ft. John Gotti)

Listen to the intro song for Berner’s GOTTI produced, titled “Untouchable” and featuring John Gotti. Read the lyrics, buy, stream, mp3 download.

Berner Untouchable (intro)
Berner Untouchable (intro)

John Gotti speaking to his son on his birthday visitation October 28th, 1995. Leaked by investigative agents to the Gotti family, the video taken from security cameras at U.S. Penitentiary at Marion, IL was used in a conjunctive effort to commemorate both the Gotti family and Berner’s empires in the face of institutional antagonism and criticism.

Berner – Untouchable (Intro) (ft. John Gotti)


(John Gotti)
“You know why I’m here?
It took em 80 million dollars and 3 [?] cases and 7 rats to kill a hundred people in the witness protection program, to finally frame me, you understand?
-That could never happen to me.”
“We’ve got to defeat these people, don’t let them defeat us. And in this case, it’s not them, it’s us defeating us.”

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