Bfb Da Packman – Can’t Blame Ye (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Bfb Da Packman - Can't Blame Ye

American rapper, Bfb Da Packman premieres the music video for the song, “Can’t Blame Ye”. Read the lyrics, listen, stream, buy, mp3 download.

Bfb Da Packman Can't Blame Ye
Bfb Da Packman Can’t Blame Ye

In between the aggressive Instagram posts and his short-lived fling with Julia Fox, Kanye West was diligently trying to win back Kim Kardashian before their divorce filing was official. Kim has since reclaimed her single status and has been quite open about her new relationship with Pete Davidson. Of course, Kanye’s also been open about his feelings about Pete, which has prompted a serious backlash.

BFB Da Packman can relate to Ye, though, as he makes clear on his latest release, “Can’t Blame Ye.” “I be in my feelings too/Shit, I can’t even blame Ye/ If my bitch left me, on God, I’mma act the same way,” he raps. hilarious punchlines and timely references to headlines in pop culture continue to be at the center of his work, as he cleverly weaves in Nelly’s leak, Rihanna’s pregnancy, and of course, Ye’s online antics into his new record.

Bfb Da Packman – Can’t Blame Ye

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Fat boy back, I know you bitches can’t believe it
Thought Packman fell off ’cause my page got deleted
I grew up drinkin’ dirty water, I’m undefeated
‘Bout to fuck this year up, I know you bitches hate to see it
My Asian plug growin’ ‘za, I’m in love with Mei Mei
Ain’t ready to die ’bout this shit, then why you hollerin’, “Gang, gang?”
I be in my feelings too, I can’t even blame Ye
My bitch left me, on God, I’ma act the same way, yeah
Lunch Crew exotic, pushin’ P’s of dirty donuts (Uh)
Cheatin’ is for kids, my bitch wish a nigga’d grow up
Call an opp nigga ho up, made her suck me ’til she throw up
This shit three hundred a line, bitch, quit askin’ me to pour up
Lil’ baby got that water, uh, yeah, that cooch-cooch
I get crunk up in that thing, bitch, I feel like Duke Deuce
Gucci boots up in the winter, and it hold a two-two
She said her ex-nigga a dog, me too, roof-roof
Every bitch I ever had, I sauce ’em up, my lil’ fajitas
Was a lion-hearted nigga, my bitch turned me to a cheetah
Bitch askin’ for some head, I told her, “Uh-uh,” like I’m BIA
My career almost over, tell Drake I need that feature
Nigga, sit down, make a plan, and hit a lick to get some cheese
Get caught, then get to snitchin’, bitch, you ‘posed to kept it G
Why you callin’ home complainin’ ’cause your BM slept with me?
I feel like Gunna, when my bitch squirt, let me drink it, that ain’t P
Got a bunch of side bitches and I love all of ’em
They ignored me when I was broke, so I dog all of ’em
Clip hangin’ out the bottom, Shaquille O’Neal in small covers
Rocky got Rihanna pregnant, that’s a win for all of us
Yeah, niggas got madder, pockets got fatter
Ignore a bitch in the club, we havin’ nasty sex after (Nasty)
Baby got that demon head, but I think the bitch Catholic
Me and Nelly in the same boat, average-sized dicks matter (Y’ello)
I drink Quagen with any pop, man, I hate the liquor (Woah)
I date hoes that swallow kids, I won’t date a spitter
Suck it slow, don’t be a speed licker, I’m a patient nigga
Somebody tell Flo Milli I wanna have a baby with her
I would’ve killed Finch, they would’ve knew not to play with Stifler
Shit started changin’ in my life when my pape’ got bigger
Instead of blamin’ me for cheatin’, she just blame the women
Callin’ every bitch that I fuck like, “Why you wreck that nigga?”
Speedin’ in the Scat’ got me with a hundred fines
Half a rack for the scent, baby, this that No. 9
When I say she got cake, not Duncan Hines
We supposed to fight our demons, but I keep on fuckin’ mine

(The Lunch Crew Company)

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