BlocBoy JB – No Dribble Freestyle (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Date 2020-08-23

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BlocBoy JB unveils the “No Dribble Freestyle”. Listen, watch the official video, stream, buy, mp3 download, read the lyrics to the song.

Blocboy Jb No Dribble Freestyle

Blocboy Jb No Dribble Freestyle

BlocBoy JB is a generous man. The rapper hasn’t released a project in over a year but still, he’s continued to bless fans with loose tracks and freestyles over the months. At one point, it felt like he was releasing music as part of some sort of unofficial weekly series. Though that isn’t the case, fans have been hoping a new tape or album comes in the near future.

It’s been nearly two weeks since BlocBoy dropped off the track, “Do What I Do” but he isn’t wasting any more time in keeping the streets flooded. The rapper dropped off “No Dribble” freestyle recently. Tackling a haunting instrumental, BlocBoy reminds his opps that he’s still on top with lavish flexes and vicious threats. “Shoot up a rap n***a sprinter,” BlocBoy raps. “Do that shit up in a rental/ Put all my opps in a blender.”

BlocBoy JB – No Dribble Freestyle

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Let’s go
Let’s go
Yeah, yeah

[Verse :]
Big body, no chain, you ain’t gon ride
Yeah [?] extended clips, it’s a homicide
You done came a long way from the big city (you did)
You done stepped up in the game [?] (wow)
[?] lying in the dirt
And if you thinking what I’m thinking, then you gon get hurt
You done [?] too many [?], that one full of [?]
And [?] spending, get your [?]
All about the money, 20’s, 50’s, hundreds
And if you thinking that I’m broke, nigga you a dummy
Lotta niggas round me throwing gang signs (what it do)
You can call me a sun, cause I’m always shining
[?] freeze up, looking like an iglu
Got a yello bone, [?]
Put her on the table, show her what I can do
And she call me Daddy after we through

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