BlocBoy JB – “Up (Freestyle)”

BlocBoy JB - Up (Freestyle) (prod. Yung Dza, DJ SwanQo & Sean Island) (Audio, Lyrics)

BlocBoy JB unveils a freestyle titled “Up”, co-produced by Yung Dza, DJ SwanQo & Sean Island. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download the song.

Blocboy Jb Up (freestyle)
Blocboy Jb Up (freestyle)

It’s only been a few months since the release of BlocBoy JB’s last single but as usual, he’s back to flooding the streets. Despite having a top 10 single on the Billboard Hot 100, the rapper continues to hustle and put out music at any given time without much of a warning. Oftentimes, they are accompanied by music videos, even if it’s a short freestyle.

This week, the rapper returned with a quick freestyle over Cardi B’s latest top 10 single, “Up.” BlocBoy kicks off the freestyle with a shout-out to N.W.A and Eazy E before gliding into the upbeat production with his signature gun talk.

BlocBoy JB – Up (Freestyle) (prod. Yung Dza, DJ SwanQo & Sean Island)



This is fire

[Verse 1]
Nigga with a attitude the skreets they call me Eazy-E
60 round up on his draco hit him up from knee to knee
Caught him in the car we put a tag on him like DMV
Choppa make him Bobby Valentino you hear wee the wee
This Glock it got a squeeze but it ain’t nothing like nintendo wii
ATM just pulled up and he pass yo boy the hennesy
We can’t fuck with niggas or these bitches they got tendencies
I got Austin Powers and its up with any mini-mes
If its up then its stuck, grap the choppa get the truck
Call my opp up on his block I feel like pac i hit em up
I just emptied out my 60, left my Glock up in the truck
If a nigga said “its up” then its stuck
Bitch i got them stacks with me them racks with me
If you want a [?], .32 I guess its Shaq and me
Ayy, don’t reach for my chain, ’cause if you do, then that’s a first degree
It only take five hours to heat you up just like some turkey meat
Freaky bitch she slurping me i called that bitch lil kirby
It ain’t no defending me I feel like Kyrie Irving
Police get on side of me that shit don make me nervous
I can’t focus off the gas i be leanin, i be swervin, I be leanin, I be swerwin
Connected like its WiFi I just got them gone overnight called it a redeye
Still remember them days I was whippin chickens at popeyes
After I was making plays i was servin niggas on the north side, mm mm mm
Boy you so pathetic, i just had a threesome with your bitch I know
You jealous
Taught yo bitch to play the game i feel like Im coach kelly
I got Js up on Js, I think I should coach nelly

I think I should coach nelly
I think I should coach nelly, i think i should coach nelly, I got so many Js
I think I should coach fucking nelly, i got- i got so many 1s I got so many Js
They say that they miss the old BlocBoy
I should go and get the 1s, I should go and get the fade, I should-
I said “see your bitch she lookin” I said “L bitch wait”

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