B.o.B – Ice (ft. London Jae) (Audio, Lyrics)

B.o.B - Ice (ft. London Jae) (prod. Zaytoven)

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Throwback to B.o.B’s “Ice” single featuring London Jae. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song produced by Zaytoven.

B.o.b Ice
B.o.b Ice

B.o.B – Ice (ft. London Jae) (prod. Zaytoven)



[Intro: B.o.B]
Ooo yea yea yea-yea
Yea yea yea-yea, Ooo

[Hook: B.o.B]x2
Ice on glisten, yea
Cool [?], yea
My swag on [?], yea
Ya girl gon miss me, yea
Gym shoes kickin, yea
Rich game hittin, yea
Whip game grippin, yea
Ya girl gon miss me, yea

[Verse 1: B.o.B]
Diamonds all in my chain
[?]Whoever wear fake gold
So he ain’t even in my lane
Drivin’ them same cars
You see on the T.V. screen
[?]One way my roof gone
Call it Houdini dreams
Kush was strong
Bitch was strong
Drank strong but im drankin’
Flew the bitch in from outta town
She want Benjamins
She wants Franklins
Shawty know what I’m thinkin’
Yea I’m smashin I’m [?]
Pull the panties up to the side
And I’m bangin’, man I’m bangin’

[Hook: B.o.B]

[Verse 2: London Jae]

[Hook: B.o.B]

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