Bobby Sessions – “Cog in the Machine”

Bobby Sessions - Cog in the Machine (prod. Jscalez, BL$$D & AJRuinedMyRecord) (Audio, Lyrics)

Grammy-winner Bobby Sessions is back with “Cog in the Machine”, produced by Jscalez, BL$$D & AJRuinedMyRecord. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download the song.

Bobby Sessions Cog In The Machine
Bobby Sessions Cog In The Machine

Speaking about his new single, the Grammy-winning artist says it was inspired by his decision to commit to his music career full time back in 2014:

I quit my 9-5 job back in 2014 with hardly any money to do music full time. It took a tremendous amount of courage to strive for the life that I couldn’t see in my physical reality. This song represents taking that leap of faith and not settling on doing something that you don’t love to do. Jumping into the unknown and discovering your unlimited potential.

Be on the lookout for Sessions’ new album soon.

Bobby Sessions – Cog in the Machine (prod. Jscalez, BL$$D & AJRuinedMyRecord)


(It’s over, leave it)
(It’s over, leave it)
It’s over, leave it
It’s over, leave it

[Verse 1]
Yeah, cog in the machine, widget inside the system
Insecurities shackled in prison with my ambition
Forged to make a decision want more?
Settle for pennies on the dollar
It’s a problem, monotony really bother me
I’m the type to feel comfortable when in danger, call me crazy
I get vulnerable in a net for my safety
Buried all my worry no space for you in the mind, just decide
We no longer will trade our money for time
Hold up, wealth is in the mind a human made to be free
You can quiet your anxiety if you’re willing to (Breathe)
Open to receive my gift ain’t under the tree
Been in tune with mother nature, I swim with fish in the sea
Here to break the mold, we move at a different speed
If you want to sell your soul just know that there ain’t receipts
Manifest your destiny, gotta give it a try
Find your inner peace ’cause no one ever really dies

Shackles on your soul (It’s over, leave it)
Doubts, fears, let them go (It’s over, leave it)
9 to 5 ain’t home (It’s over, leave it)
Bad times won’t last long (It’s over, leave it)

[Verse 2]
Brick by brick, line by line
Build an infrastructure that can last five lifetimes
Spoke a dream, made it fact, I invest, make it back
I possess certain qualities allow me to adapt
Gotta leave my old surrounding, water seed to grow my talent
Martin Luther had a dream, I’m a king they gotta grown on me
Scared to wake up with regret ’cause I missed my cue
Live your dream or make somebody else’s wish come true
Let me spit my truth, never quit, I’m proof
Earn stripes like Adidas, human made fit too
Put the vibes in the sky till I lift my crew
Bite the style, after while made them chip they tooth
Create a legacy, gotta date with destiny, we hold hands
It’s my time, Richard Mille with the orange band
Breaking from the norm, no umbrella in the storm
You can have just what you want, start declaring that it’s (Yours)

Shackles on your soul (It’s over, leave it)
Doubts, fears, let them go (It’s over, leave it)
9 to 5 ain’t home (It’s over, leave it)
Bad times won’t last long (It’s over, leave it)

[Verse 3]
Ay, ay, gold chain round my neck that’s a hard photo
Slim change you with the smoke like a Marlboro
From the south but the music playing in all boroughs
Journey longer than Chad Hugo guitar solo
Skip the gold feet, King James with a fourth ring
Pass champagne to my whole team
Trophy be talking to me like Bobby can you hold me?
Sit at the table with all the greatest and they know me
Chose the path of most resistance
Loosened up, now I’m sprinting
Moving up, I’m committed to using up what I’m getting
I was jumping for success, it got me leaping off the ledge
If my ego was a boat I’m fully self esteem ahead
Got a dream inside my head, map te blueprint with a pen
It’s a power when I write and I can bring that shit to life
I can take you out of darkness, I can bring you to the light
Freedom got a cost, but are you down to pay the price?

Yeah (It’s over, leave it)
Bobby Sessions, young (It’s over, leave it)
Legend (It’s over, leave it)
Legend (It’s over, leave it)

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