Boldy James unveils freestyle piece titled “First 48” [+Lyrics]

Date 2021-07-24

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Boldy James unveils The Alchemist-produced freestyle piece titled “First 48”. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the song.

Boldy James First 48 Freestyle

Boldy James First 48 Freestyle

Boldy James and The Alchemist have established themselves as a duo to be feared, further cemented by the release of their 2020 album The Price Of Tea In China. Now, the pair are gearing up to deliver yet another album, setting the stage with the release of “First 48 Freestyle.” On the production tip, Alchemist sets a grimy and cinematic tone, loading up a vintage guitar sample and blessing it with the exact drum pattern it deserves.

Lyrically, the perpetually weary Boldy remains as sharp as ever, the type of observer who can break down a man’s character with a singular glance. “Tellin’ ni*gas that he gang, no he motherfuckin’ ain’t,” he raps. “Free my brother Hank, I’ll get you hit up with a rusty shank / All these self-proclaimed real niggas just a bunch of flakes.” As his extensive verse continues, it becomes clear that he’s riding this rhyme scheme all the way to the bank, finding clever ways to keep the bars heavy.

Boldy James – First 48 Freestyle (prod. The Alchemist)


Uh (227)
From where niggas don’t make it out alive (Detroit)
Let’s get it

As long as I woke up today, I do not have one complaint
Still sick from last night, I spilled my double cup of drank
Lil’ brodie crackin’ cards, everything been up to date
He doin’ fill-ups half-off, so shit, I just filled up the tank
On the east, we trappin’ hard, I just made a junkie faint
Four-five-six, I’m in the mix, I just built up the bank
Heard they MAACO’d up the stray, I’m who put on the touch-up paint
Movin’ up the rankings, make a pussy nigga jump the plank
Tellin’ niggas that he gang, no he motherfuckin’ ain’t
Free my brother Hank, I’ll get you hit up with a rusty shank
All these self-proclaimed real niggas just a bunch of flakes
Cappin’ like you pressin’, big steppin’, out here touchin’ pape
Really out here Jeffin’, Etch-a-Sketchin’, wouldn’t bust a grape
Shorty hit him broad day, ain’t even cover up his face
In Detroit, we known to take a town, known to flood the state
Can make the same monies breakin’ down as niggas touchin’ weight
Seen what’s-his-name with what’s-her-face, he caught a lucky break
Out Kentucky State, but shit, I heard the feds picked up his case
Snatched him up, plugged his ace, bad enough we upped the stakes
Parabellum in my nudies, I know niggas love to hate
Pulled up on the well with Julio, told my youngin shut the drapes
Ferris wheel on the [?], broski tryna stuff the Drac’
Thuggin’ in the concrete jungle, planet of the apes
Every step I take, I take a risk, I can’t make one mistake
So I brought these two nines with me out on a double date
Been bit a few times, the reason I can never trust a snake
Niggas ain’t on shit, found his whereabouts, he took the bait
Told him, “Make a wish”, blew his candles out, then cut the cake
Hardest thing to do is kick the lean, how much I love the taste
Rackin’ all this cash in, and I ain’t never touched a rake
Bro told me some foul shit, I still ain’t been in touch with Yank
Crush the face, on the Date, just had to adjust the date
Razor blade scrapin’ up the plate
Big bodies in the driveway, takin’ up some space
AKs by the fireplace, money’s in the safe
Six bodies, five days, take me to another place
Hustle late nights, early mornings, right back up at eight
On some Tay-K, fuck a beat, don’t make me do another race
I ain’t even tryna smash, I just wanna fuck her face
Took her down, the head was trash, had me thinkin’ “What a waste”
Cuzzo in the pen doin’ life, wish he could jump the gate
Twin F&Ns in my Benz, call ’em Puff and Mase
At the loadin’ dock with a crowbar bustin’ up a crate
Dead body parts from the river floatin’ up the lake
Zombies in the trap spendin’ tens on a dub of base
Auntie kickin’ back with her stem, smokin’ up the shake
Uncie askin’ what they payin’, wanna know how much I make
Them bitches get behind me, I’ma take ’em on another chase
What else?

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