Bow Wow & Soulja Boy – “Bow Wow Vs. Soulja Boy” [Audio, Lyrics, Video]

Bow Wow & Soulja Boy - Bow Wow Vs. Soulja Boy (prod. Pimpin Beatz)

premieres the visual for “ Vs. ” which features and was produced by . Get the song, read the lyrics.

Bow Wow & Soulja Boy Bow Wow Vs. Soulja Boy
Bow Wow & Soulja Boy

Bow Wow & Soulja Boy – Bow Wow Vs. Soulja Boy (prod. Pimpin Beatz)

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[Verse 1: Bow Wow & Soulja Boy]
Say somethin’ crazy about me and Soulja, then we at your neck (Woah)
Shawty just told me she hungry, I told her to chill, we got food on the jet (Uh)
Take off from L.A. to Atlanta, in Atlanta you know that I brought me a pack back (Gas)
Niggas is claimin’ my road, man, I had Kim K when Soulja dropped “Crank That”
It’s 2020, well me and Draco we’re back, we ain’t takin’ no losses (Nah)
Man, I’m too big to be talkin’ to middle man, doctor showed me who the boss is (Where)
No, I don’t follow religions, but I had to go ahead and ice out the crosses (Woo)
Feel sorry for you if you crossed us
Fuck a pandemic, we back outside, label is callin’ me, fuck ’em, I’m droppin’ shit (Yeah)
Fuck I look like takin’ orders from niggas, unlike all y’all rappers, I own my shit (Woo)
Soulja could win like the Magic, I promise you don’t want no static
You never went platinum, how you brag it? (How?)
R&B bitches I’m smashin’ (Woah)
I might pull up with a Braxton (Soulja)

[Verse 2: Soulja Boy]
I’m in the two-seater (Skrrt)
And this shit came with the new features
You know I keep me like two heaters
Pour up the Wock in a two liter
Pour up the Wock, we got two people
I’m in that Lambo, but nigga that two-seater (Draco)
Don’t play with me, you know that we shoot people
Smokin’ on dope
I’m countin’ up hundreds, lil’ nigga, this too easy
Draco and Bow Wow
The Lamborghini cost two-hundred and thou-wow (Thou-wow)
Draco on me, it go “Baow, baow”
Every time I look up, these niggas jackin’ my style now
I got the bitch on a futon
I buy a brick with a coupon
Me and Bow Wow went viral on Verzuz
We viral forever, lil’ nigga, we swervin’
I hop in that Lamborghini and it’s purple

[Outro: Soulja Boy]
On gang
You know what the fuck goin’ on (Gang)
Big Draco
Gang, gang, gang, gang, gang, gang


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