Calboy – Beatbox Freestyle (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Calboy - Beatbox Freestyle (prod. 21 Records)

is out with a new “”. Listen, stream, buy, watch the video, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song produced by .

Calboy Beatbox Freestyle
Calboy Beatbox Freestyle

From becoming an XXL Freshman to big features with Polo G, Pop Smoke, and YG, Calboy had quite a year in 2020, pandemic or otherwise. Calboy is still riding on the success of 2020’s Long Live The Kings as well as the follow-up deluxe edition. Recently, Calboy linked up with Foogiano and ForeverHood on the track, “Make It Happen.” Now with the drop of his first solo song of the new year, “Beatbox Freestyle,” Calboy gives a little taste of what we can expect to hear from him in 2021.

The track is a SpotemGottem remix that hits hard. In a new video for the song, Calboy can be seen vibing with some homies while smoking some weed. You can see Calboy and his friends jig inside someone’s living room to the song which was a tough beat that makes it impossible to not dance to. If this track is any indicator of what we may get for Calboy this year, it should be another great year for the Chicago rapper.

Calboy – Beatbox Freestyle (prod. 21 Records)

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Eee, err
Eee, err
Ah, hahaha
Ah, chief
Dada, dolo
Yeah, ayy

Bitch, I count the money, hella blues in the spot
Shorty still a shorty, but he move with the Glock
I just wanna show him how to move when it’s hot
Bitch, I took a risk and it was glued to the pot
Whole lot of hearts and some tools in this box
Trappin’ on the daily, ain’t no shoes in the box
We gon’ send some shots and watch him ooze from the top
Catch him down bad, then he losin’ some locs
Riding with some demons, all of ’em seein’ red
Tryna use his legs, that nigga Lieutenant Dan
Better use your hands, my nigga been off the meds
Or we can use our hands, motherfuckers will beat his ass
I was fifteen when I lost my dawg
Shoulda knew that you would cross me, you look like hot sauce
And I’m still up fightin’ demons from that shit I saw
She suckin’ dick up off the molly, probably get lockjaw
And all them niggas say they with it until that shit pop off
All my shorties handle business, get that boy knocked off
And a nigga might die today with that talk
And we left him on the ground to wait for that chalk
We got plenty bullets, bitch, I move with a box
Niggas get to tweakin’, we put dude in the box
R.I.P. my brodie, why they go put you in the box?
They put Solo in the hole, but he ain’t new to the box
So you know my shorty good, you know he straight
I fucked two bitches back to back, yeah, that’s a relay
I’ve been geekin’ off the Percocet for three days
She put a hickey on my dick, I told her, “Switch that,” it’s a replay
Niggas get to tweakin’, you know we slide, then we spray
My shorties in the cut, so all them shots fire from three ways
They call me, we ain’t gotta talk about it, I’m tired of three ways
And it’s lonely, all the kings, you know they died to get paid (Get paid)

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