Calboy – LLC (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Calboy - LLC

American rapper, singer, and songwriter, Calboy premieres the video for the new “LLC” freestyle, His first for the year 2022. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download.

Calboy Llc
Calboy Llc

Calboy hit the ground running since the year started eleven days ago. The Chicago rapper showed a promising trajectory with the release of 2019’s Wildboy and 2020’s Love Live The Kings. However, things have been rather slow in the past year. Perhaps, it’s due to the pandemic, among other factors. Fans are still hoping that he comes through with a new album this year.

Before we get another body of work from the rapper, it looks like he’s going to continue dumping new freestyles to build anticipation. After taking on Kodak Black’s latest top 10 record on the Billboard Hot 100, “Super Gremlin,” he came through with his new freestyle over Money Man’s latest hit record, “LLC.”

Calboy – LLC

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Better mind your business nigga, we leave niggas in the streets
Heard yo bro want smoke, I told big bro and now yo bro deceased
This bitch think I’m famous, but I started out here locally
Choppa with me, dangerous, this bitch singing just like Jodeci
Yeah, diamonds on me dangling, so she notice me
I still see them demons in my head, so I can’t go to sleep
Boy I keep a pole, you betta watch how you approaching me
I was born a shooter but til’ nem gone blow for me
I was born a shooter
Move around ain’t with the movement
Say it’s up, bitch let’s do it
We been dyin’ to get into it
I got steppas out here steppin’
Killas slidin’ to my music
Tryna put this shit together, boy it’s a sign to what I’m doing aye
Most these niggas pussy boy
Trust me I can see right through
Ridin’ around with a baddie, poppin’ percs, sippin beetle juice
I jumped in my bag, I found my purpose thought I needed you
Speakin’ on my situations, talkin’ ’bout me that ain’t even true
Aye been trappin’ hard, break it down, racking innn
If I hit her once, she in my past, she won’t be back again
Opposition dead, we hit his head he won’t be back again
Everytime we talk, you need some bread don’t hit my jack again
Momma say I shine with this lif light of mine
Boy don’t play with me them niggas died from this lil pipe of mine
Think it’s fun and games, till niggas check out like the nike sign
Bitch I been in here wildin’, give two fucks ’bout what they idolize

Better mind your business nigga, we leave in the streets
I went platinum years ago, niggas still gon envy me
Niggas know I’m with the beef
I been in the kitchen nigga
Cooking up to feed the streets

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