Cam Wallace – “Energy”

Cam Wallace - Energy

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Cam Wallace Energy
Cam Wallace Energy

Cam Wallace has always been known for delivering hard-hitting songs, and it’s one of the reasons why fans are always looking forward to his latest efforts. With each new release, fans demand more and more music, and on Friday, Wallace delivered as he came through with a heavy new single called “Energy,” which is a song that is meant to put any sort of detractors in their place.

Throughout the song, we get a heavy 808-laced instrumental that immediately grabs your attention and sets the tone for the song as a whole. From there, Wallace offers braggadocios lyrics in which he describes himself as the GOAT. His energy matches the beat and there is no doubt that Wallace has a ton of confidence in himself.

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Cam Wallace – Energy

Quotable Lyrics:

Don’t make me jog your memory
I did upgrade you then upgraded the world, how they forgettin me
Please make it make some sense to me
How you talkin’ bout the greatest and still don’t fuckin mention me


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