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CEO Trayle – July The Fourth (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Rapper, CEO Trayle unveils the music video for the “July The Fourth” song produced by Twysted Genius. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the track.

Ceo Trayle July The Fourth

Ceo Trayle July The Fourth

The rapper’s new single is set to appear on his forthcoming project, Vier, due out later this summer. The project is expected to include eight songs including a collaboration with fellow ATL native Enchanting.

CEO Trayle – July The Fourth (prod. Twysted Genius)

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I dont feel none, but i feel numb
I don’t hear none, but i hear some
In my ear drums, hate make me kill some
You cant hate me out in public so you hate alone
You cant hate me round everybody else you hate at home
Big Ol Backdoor the bomb, come on this trip i show you some

Perkies make me feel numb, I just try escape
Used to buy the SRT’s and flip the plates
Used to go straight to the candy lady get the plates
Eating food my mama smacked my head said “boy better say your grace” Child stay in your place, ay say child save your face
Kus you gone need that later

You know they dont do no favors
Better go on them moves and capers
How you gone get your sH0es for school, how you get pen and paper They ain’t tryna let you borrow none but it got greater later
I got tired of hearing “Sorry son” so i bought me my first bomb
Went outside and made a run now here i come
Trayle, you can see him coming, mama cry like we cut onions

Said her baby boy made something outta nothing
Ay dont do that sh!t for nothing 4
This for Baby 4, said that sh!t before
But i say it like I ain’t said it before
They gone play it for 4
They not playing with 4
I told Gwap to slam the door
Secret stash that’s where them hammers go

n!gga its July the 4th
Came back, they brought me back now I’m gone slime the Pope
It’s Big Back, slime me ima slime you back
Slimy cat, can you get up out that trunk n!gga find a latch
Worried bout the label paying me back
They say you cant be saying that “f*ck em”
Police i be tryna duck em, they think i be up to something
But i dont be doing nothing

I’m just tryna protect myself like everybody else outside
I’m just riding getting high, everybody gettting by
But my new watch was 75
I skate around like Golden Glide
My freezer filled with frozen pies
He hate me it show in his eyes

She love me and I’m knowing why
He plugged me, i love him for life
He paved the way i bought him ice
And I’m not going for that sh!t twice
I kept on rapping till i got nice
This Amiri denim dont forget to say that b!tch
He a Master Splinter, shhh, don’t even say that b!tch
If she don’t reciprocate, dont even save that b!tch
Tell em add the demon voice yea, n!gga change the pitch

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