Chance The Rapper – A Bar About A Bar (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Date 2022-05-28

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Chance The Rapper premieres the music video for the song, “A Bar About A Bar”. The piece of music was produced jointly by DexLvL & Chance the Rapper. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy, mp3 download.

Chance The Rapper A Bar About A Bar

Chance The Rapper A Bar About A Bar

The fusion of visual art and music is a partnership that has existed throughout the history of the world, and Chance The Rapper has been displaying his contribution to the conversation. The Chicago rapper previously released “Child Of God,” and in its video, Chance delivers his rhymes as an artist constructs a piece. He has mirrored that visual for his Friday (May 27) release “A Bar About A Bar,” and this time, it arrives with artist Niko Washington.

Chance recently shared a video where the finished artwork was featured at an event that put Washington’s name in the history books.

“Last night we opened the second interdisciplinary piece ‘A Bar About a Bar’ with another private art experience. @nikko.washington became the 2nd black alumni in @artinstitutechi History to have their work shown!!! ‘A Bar About a Bar’ comes out Tn at 11 chicago time, and is on display till June at The Art Institute of Chicago!!”

Chance The Rapper – A Bar About A Bar (prod. DexLvL & Chance the Rapper)

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[Intro: VIC MENSA & Chance the Rapper]
That’s ten minutes
What you got?

[Verse: Chance the Rapper]
I got a bar about a bar
It’s not a joke, it’s just a bar
A nigga walks into a bar
Took his seat, he liked his liquor hard, his women easy
Legend has it, he was callous like fingers that pick guitars
He was just a hick that parked his pickup truck ’cause it was dark to take a piss
The road was long, the line was long as shit
He thought about it, held it in and sipped his straw
Ashed out his cigar and walked out into his car
Forget that nigga, there was a line inside the bar
And the line was so long it wrapped behind the bar
And exposed moonshine and wine inside the jar
And it kept goin’ to the alley and the trash behind the bar
To the same nigga, he was takin’ a piss behind his car
The nigga in the front seen that this shit was out of order
The nigga in the back seen that the meter’s out of quarters
The patrons and the little wished this line was way shorter
I would tell you their names, but they names is unimportant

[Outro: Chance the Rapper]
Is what I got so far

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