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Chief Keef – Tony Montana Flow (Audio, Lyrics)

Rapper, Chief Keef returns with a new song titled “Tony Montana Flow”. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download.

Chief Keef Tony Montana Flow

Chief Keef Tony Montana Flow

While Chief Keef hasn’t put out anything as iconic as “Don’t Like” or “Faneto” in quite some time, the Chicago rapper has been releasing music at a high volume for the better part of a decade, and is one of the most important pioneers of the 2010s.

His most recent single, “Tony Montana Flow,” reportedly leaked about a year ago but yesterday (November 22), Chief Keef brought the record to digital streaming platforms in it’s finalized form.

Rapping over heavy trap production accented by powerful horns, Sosa channels his inner Tony Montana and lets everybody know how he became his own kind of kingpin, and what he’s prepared to do to keep that top spot.

Chief Keef – Tony Montana Flow


What up?
Where are you?
Fuck you at?
You sound ’bout it as fuck
I’m about to go home, I’m tryna, I’m tryna go to you, can I?
I ain’t even at the house right now
So when are you gonna be at your house?
I don’t know, in a minute
Okay, I’m just gonna go home, I guess

I just want the blue cheese and a thousand dollars
Bitch, you want me to punch a bitch, you wildin’, wildin’
Man, I want a clover [?], bitch, it’s crowded, crowded
Unless you Master P-in’, bitch, you ’bout it, ’bout it
Shawty ass [?] tilin’, tilin’
King size beds was a pilin’, pilin’
Even in kindergarten, I was in talent, talent
[?] in the wrist, I’m not Allen, Allen
Laughin’ sweet, nigga love water [?]
I got green and I put it on your [?]
Badass look nigga on the corner sellin’
Young nigga hungry, got that mornin’ belly
Nigga gettin’ mudded, I’m not a watchin’ [?]
Tell ’em you a pig, get some [?]
Shorty got some time for my informer talent
Baby bro like get to me, nigga, [?]
Baby bro gotta take it over in me, it’s murder willin’
And I’m smokin’ on that [?], call me [?]
I been left my chain in wrist, talk to a bunch bitches
You can get your god role, nigga, no [?]
At your head, know my [?]
You know I be with gorillas, nigga, ooga-ooga
Even when I’m ’bout myself, I’m a [?] knocker
Hold up, [?], nigga, [?]
I know I ain’t gotta do it, but I’m a pistol toter
Just in case the opps see me, be like there go Sosa
Got a war, the cops on me like [?]
Want to fight [?] doin’, I been [?]
Shorty said with the last time you been to Chicago, Sosa
She like, where the fuck you [?], smokin’ that petrol, Sosa
She like to smoke on gas, but first she wants that [?], Sosa
She like to ride in foreigns, but first she wants that mattress, Sosa


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