Chinko Ekun – 2000 & Retaliate (Audio, Lyrics)

Chinko Ekun - 2000 & Retaliate (prod. BigDre)

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Chinko Ekun 2000 & Retaliate (prod. Bigdre)
Chinko Ekun (prod. Bigdre)

Nigerian indigenous rapper, Chinko Ekun kicks starts the new year this single titled “2000 & Retaliate“. Someone has stepped on the tail of the Tiger and he is here to clear them. He drops bars on bars with hard punchlines switching from English to Yoruba to Chinese.

Chinko serves this out as a warming everyone who is planning on doing him dirt. Says this year is a year of retaliation, you what you bring to the back in return. If you show love, you get love back and if you bring some shots you will be replied with a bomb.

Chinko Ekun – 2000 & Retaliate (prod. BigDre)


Teba dara si wa
Awa na o dara si yin
Ni o amo ti e ba le ya were awa gan
Oloriburuku ni wa oh
Mo kan ni kin sare clear yin
Eni to ba le’ti ko de gbo, tiger, eruku nla nla

(Verse 1)
Shout-out to those that believed in me and never left me
I’m stepping on my enemies with a truck feet

Wise like a tortoise
Although I made some profit
Gathered my gains and looses and I won’t misuse my resources

But no regret
Still relevant
I’m prominent
They never know the story yet

They wonder how the glory set
If e no work we go reset, omo agbudo blow ni se

Plenty people don sly me but I never wished my hommie dead

Cos I’m pure to the heart
Pure to the soul and I don’t need to shout, I’m bad to the bone

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Chinko Ekun – “Jafafa” (ft. Mohbad)

Chinko Ekun - Jafafa (ft. Mohbad) (prod. Zaki Amujei)

No need to famz, I just dey on my own
I stepped into the game, plenty rappers dem overdose cos I’m a man

Ani mo ti de si yin lorun, s’oro werey
Egungun eja lo ma ah si e l’ofun

Town ta ti paint red, l’eyin werey wa lo n kun
They murmur like Israelites, ki lo seyin te wa lo n kun, kaasa

Te ba dara si wa, awa na ma show yin love, awa na ma fi’fe ahn
Te ba dara si wa, awa na ma show yin love, awa na ma fi’fe ahn
Te ba dara si wa, al’awa na ma show yin love, awa na ma fi’fe ahn
Te ba dara si wa, awa na ma show yin love, awa na ma fi’fe ahn

(Verse 2)
Won ni Chinko yi le payan
Run won je bi lion, Babylon must fall and we’d be rising up to Zion

Ton shu lion, ton chu lion, (?)
Chinese ko mean pe ta ba ja ashima triumph

Mi o raye, mo wa less busy
Tin ba pa rapper kan, to’n ba beere next victim

I’m a blown artiste jhor e ma lo be simi
E ma je ki Starboy binu, no go vex Wizkid

I dey spit barz, (?) me I get prison
Everybody lo no time and we all get season

Aimoye iwa ibaje ti mo ti je ti sin
Mo fi’wa ipanle mi le omo e get reason

Because mi o raye gbogbo drama
Awon kan ti f’ori be mo savage won bi ti iya jam jam

Ma forh fun opponent or else a pa e pelu counter
Ko si eni ti a ba e ro, to ba je bic abi eleganza, kaasa

Ani bi e dara siwa
Awa na ma show yin love
Show me cutlass
Awa na ma show yin ni gun

T’e ba shey normal
Awa na ma fi’fe han
Too much barz gbogbo yin ma ti m’ewon (?)
Mo kan ni kin so fun yin
Ke je ki ori yi ma pe oh
If you do anyhow you see anyhow

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