Consequence – “Party Time” [Audio, Lyrics]

Consequence - Party Time

American rapper, is out with a new “” piece of music. Stream, read the lyrics, buy, mp3 download.

Consequence Party Time
Consequence Party Time

“Party Time” sees Con going directly at the Toronto rapper. “Who told Aubs that he can play with them? / That boy Cons can run the fade with them / I wish we could shoot five instead of group chats / Next time bring Chubbs when you shoot back,” he raps on the new diss track.

Consequence – Party Time

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It’s party time, ah-ah-ah-ah
This one vicious, yeah, this one vicious
It’s party time, ay, ay, ay
(Oh, it’s party time)

[Verse 1]
The best place to find help is at the end of your arm
But I’m the kinda guy up when my friend is at harm
They go and bet it all once I enter their palms
And drop the kinda fire that’ll set off alarms
We know that two wrongs never make things right
But when you innocent, you wear you with the next man’s wife
You might as well say you’ll take the next man’s life
‘Cause that’s the dark place that makes most men fight
But from the outside, a person can tell
You going through your own personal hell
Your parents out here like Sonya and Dell
And ever since Sophie had a story to tell
You been taking Ls and coming out the cage
And thought we couldn’t tell you were coming after K
But it never plays to oversell yourself (Uh-uh)
But most crabs are a shell of theyself
We keep living in the past so they telling themself
Me, I’m flipping cash so I’m feeling myself (Uh-huh)
So I don’t do something less it’s bacon or cheese
And you ain’t gotta try to talk Jamaica with me, cuz
Even the shotters in Toronto, know you tripping Drake
I won’t trip, but Trippie left you dripping red
Infrareds pointed at your cranium
Baby, this ain’t the date at Dodgers Stadium
This is PM doing it to paladium (Real niggas know)
Who told Aubs that he could play with them? (Let that nigga know)
That boy Cons’d run the fate with him
I wish we could shoot 5 instead of group chats
Next time bring Chubbs with you when you shoot back

It’s party time

[Verse 2]
After this I’ll be the hero that everyone hate
But the 6 don’t got a chance against the 718
A problem with Drake only gives me more strength
‘Cause that 40 found the dope ’til it becomes a four-fifth (Bow)
On the strip for what the PJs taught to him
Don’t let these hoes make you P.J. Washington
A loss of windows, no toting the line
It’s a bloodsport and I’m balling with mine
Attention grabber, for dolo I shine
But when you grab her that way that make Cuomo resign
And that’s fine ’cause all that means is more dinner
For the two time being my award winner
Tell these goon senders with birth defects
When I squeeze first, it’s only off of reflex
That’s why they seem pressed when the pressure’s applied
But I ain’t tone deaf like Anthony died
So I heard every word when you meant to reply
And this is my rebuttal when the stakes decide
Fuck an October and they very own
I got Os from PO and drove Bentleys home
Now I got the keys to the kingdom on my keyring
Let these fools know it’s a Queens thing
Yeah, it’s a Queens thing

So it’s party time
It’s party time
It’s party time
(Party time) It’s party time
(It’s party time) It’s party time
(It’s party time) It’s party time

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