Curren$y & Harry Fraud – Riviera Beach (Extended Clip) (Audio, Lyrics)

Curren$y & Harry Fraud - Riviera Beach (Extended Clip) (ft. Boldy James & Conway The Machine) (prod. Harry Fraud)

& ’s collaboration unveils the to “” featuring & . Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song produced by Harry Fraud.

Curren$y & Harry Fraud Riviera Beach (extended Clip)
Curren$y & Harry Fraud Riviera Beach (extended Clip)

There isn’t a rapper who is as prolific as Curren$y. Each year, he releases numerous projects of quality and 2020 was no different. Especially with a pandemic that left many people stuck inside, Spitta has been rolling out new music regularly throughout the year. This year saw an influx of collabs with Harry Fraud who he has incredible chemistry with on wax. They dropped off The OutRunners then Director’s Cut and now, they gave fans a bit more music with Bonus Footage.

With only five songs in total, Curren$y delivers a slew of collaborations on the project including an extended version of “Riviera Beach.” With Harry Fraud’s laid back production backing them, Curren$y brings Boldy James to the fold for an additional verse on top of Conway’s offering. It’s certainly a Griselda affair.

Curren$y & Harry Fraud – Riviera Beach (Extended Clip) (ft. Boldy James & Conway The Machine) (prod. Harry Fraud)


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[Intro: Curren$y]
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
La música de Harry Fraud

[Verse 1: Curren$y]
She send a text, she wanna straddle me off in my castle
Palomino horses on Louis Vuitton saddles
I ain’t’ never bought her sandals
But ever flavor Jordan 1 she have ’em
Rolling a fatty while I’m mashin’
Got the windows crackin’, weed clouds got her eyes burnin’
But she getting used to it now ’cause she a fast learner and a great earner
I swear she pulled out more figures than you and your niggas
Picture me blowing larger when they say I wouldn’t get no bigger
Jet Life, we just bought more buildings
Gut them motherfuckers out and parked them new Ferraris in it
These ain’t lyrics my nigga, I spit it ’cause I did it
And that’s the difference between me and them other… (Me and them other…)

If I saw it, wanted it and did not get it
It’s ’cause I changed my mind

[Verse 2: Conway the Machine]
Police raid the spot, we open shop back up soon as the cops left
It’s still like 50 P’s, we got left
Tell me why would I stress, when I woke up this morning so I’m blessed
Told my lil bro your bag coming, just trust the process
Cook a whole bird, Bobby Flay, I’m a top chef
Sold the quarters back in New York for the Jeff Hostet
Shots wet his porch, left him bleeding on his top step
God bless when I’m repeatedly squeezing my Tec
They say they wanted smoke then they immediately digress
I feed off the track, this beat I can easily digest
Obstacles are unbelievably side stepped
Every one of my projects resonate with niggas still in the projects

If I saw it, wanted it and did not get it
It’s ’cause I changed my mind

[Verse 3: Boldy James]
Remember those cold Chicago nights off of Wabash
Back when I didn’t have no jaw to drop off of my stash
My stomach was cold and full of toxins, used to pop tabs
But now we fully loaded, catching lives off the high glass
Whole gang will kick up dust and cut up a rug for me
It’s like I kicked the drink, still addicted to the drug money
Taking down them licks give me a high adrenaline rush
You never sat on a spig for 5 mins then flushed
Chopper with a hunnid rounds, ducked off in the cut
Shot clock running down and those 5 mins is up
When them people get on you, we gon’ find out who the real you
Fuck is you gonna do? Barbecue a meal due
Last loss took a hit, didn’t boo-hoo or pout
Type of nigga I ain’t flushing shit, I’d rather shoot it out
Was running base, still selling dope on the hoop court
They call me Bo Jack cos they know I’m a legend in 2 sports

If I saw it, wanted it and did not get it
It’s ’cause I changed my mind

[Outro: Curren$y]
Keep the E in it, Chevy’s on switches baby
Smoking weed in it, don’t post me in your pictures
Hitting switches on Chef Highway, dipping
On the mission to more flicks
If you lucky, I’ll bring you with me
Just like every time
Foreigns and low-riders
In a line outside while I’m getting high


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