D Smoke – El Rey (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Date 2022-09-22

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Listen to the newly released track by D Smoke. The piece of music titled “El Rey” was produced by Dem Jointz. Watch the music video, read the lyrics and buy the song.

D Smoke El Rey

D Smoke El Rey

D Smoke, born Daniel Anthony Farris, gained popularity after winning the first season of Rhythm + Flow in 2019. The Netflix reality show put on a  competition for unsigned rappers to be judged by T.I., Chance the Rapper, and Cardi B. In the end, D Smoke took the title along with $250,000. Since then, he’s managed to sign a record deal, garner a wide fanbase, and work with some of the hottest artists in the game.

Yesterday (September 16), Mexican Independence Day, the 36-year-old released his latest record, “El Rey.” The song’s title translates to “The King,” which solidified that the Inglewood, California native thinks highly of his skills and abilities. The two-minute record started with Jose Alfredo Jimenez singing his edition of “El Rey” before the melody transitioned to a hard-hitting beat.

Not only did D Smoke release the single, but he also accompanied it with a music video. In the visual, he featured videos that showed celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Swizz Beats, and Issa Rae wishing their audience a happy Mexican Independence Day. The rapper included actors of different shades in his video, paying homage to them for their history.

D Smoke – El Rey (prod. Dem Jointz)

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Sé que tendrás que llorar
Llorar y llorar
Llorar y llorar
Pero sigo siendo el rey
It’s the king of Inglewood, niggas (Llorar y llorar)
Yeah (Llorar y llorar)
Dem Jointz, you a fool for this (Llorar y llorar)
Yeah (Llorar y llorar)
It’s over (Alors)

[Verse 1]
Uh, black is beautiful, brown is born of the Earth
Found a love for the people that’s down to stomp on the turf (What?)
Count ’em out are the reasons we in the dirt
‘Til we on top, build pyramids, still could live in the yurt
Humble ways but it come to the rumble minus the shirt
She see me tryna throw that P at me, might lift the skirt
Ignoring the ring by my pinky, this dick is reserved
And she think it’s a bitch but real nigga flip it the bird
My constituents blick’s on hip and trigger absurd
Burn the wick on the candle, we handle hardly a [?]
Party in any yard with the ribs and carne asada
Potato salad, arroz y frijoles might be a jerk

They might (Llorar y llorar)
I bet you they might (Llorar y llorar)
I promise they might (Llorar y llorar)
On mama’s, they might (Llorar y llorar)
(Pero sigo siendo el rey)

[Verse 2]
Uh, black is beautiful, brown is made in calor
El poder que nos une es puro Dios y amor
Soy Humo y te lo juro, el rumbo suyo mejor
Que el otro
Ser celoso es tonto, no hay valor
No hay dolor, no hay nada menos honor
Pero muchos piensas que SiR es mi hermano mayor
Llegó un año después y cuando tuve catorce años, ya estaba mucho mas grande
Ay, por favor
Bitch, ain’t no sequel unless you talking the reincarnation of Malcolm, how come they made us kick down the door?
Ten pounds of crack cocaine in your veins and it won’t compare to the dope in me, my dope steady got ’em begging for more

They might (Llorar y llorar)
On mama’s, they might (Llorar y llorar)
I promise they might (Llorar y llorar)
I bet you they might (Llorar y llorar)

Super good, haha (Llorar y llorar)
(Llorar y llorar, llorar y llorar, llorar y llorar)
Ey, tengo un mensaje para todos los latinos (Llorar y llorar)
Específicamente los mexicanos (Llorar y llorar)
Yo quiero decir (Llorar y llorar)
Feliz día de Independencia (Llorar y llorar)
From us to us (Pero sigo siendo el rey)

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