Deniro Farrar – Winter (ft. Lute & Southside Gauxst) (Audio, Video)

Date 2020-12-06

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Deniro Farrar drops the “Winter” featuring Lute & Southside Gauxst. Watch the video, listen, stream, buy, mp3 download the song produced by Joey Pepe & Zack Burke.

Deniro Farrar Winter

Deniro Farrar Winter

Deniro Farrar has been crushing things over the years but it felt like he was really in his bag this year. Sole Food dropped earlier this year, just before the pandemic struck. While he wasn’t able to properly hit the road with the project, he continued to feed the fans new music throughout the months.

As we approach the end of the year, his new single, “Winter” ft. Lute and Southside Gauxst is a honest reflection on the anxieties and fears that filled this year. “Bobbin’ and weavin’ if they sneezin’, this coronavirus ain’t no joke/ Upper respiratory problems got my prayin’ for my granny,” he raps on the record. Alongside Lute and Southside Gauxst, the three rappers deliver thoughtful bars detailing poverty and the systemic oppression Black Americans face.

Deniro Farrar – Winter (ft. Lute & Southside Gauxst) (prod. Joey Pepe & Zack Burke)

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Quotable Lyrics
I’m here fightin’ for respect but I ain’t makin’ no noise
These crackers standin’ on my neck like I’m Third Ward Floyd
Black bodies they collect, hold ’em up like awards
It ain’t a loss that I accept, I guess we goin’ to war, for sure
It’s so much drama in the hood and it’s way too common
I’m still repairin’ the relationship that I need with my mama

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