Di’Ja Teases “Aphropop Vol.2” with Opening Track “Half of Me”

Date 2023-11-26

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Di’Ja teases the forthcoming ‘Aphropop Vol.2’ project with the opening “Half of Me” track co-produced by Johnny Drille and Honey Adum. Listen, stream, buy the piece of music, mp3 download.

Nigerian singer Di’Ja has provided a sneak peek into her upcoming project, “Aphropop Vol.2,” by releasing the opening track titled “Half of Me.” The song is co-produced by Johnny Drille and Honey Adum, showcasing a collaboration between two talented producers.

Di’ja Half Of Me

Di’ja Half Of Me

“Half of Me” sets the tone for Di’Ja’s new musical endeavor, and the involvement of Johnny Drille and Honey Adum in the production adds layers of musical richness. Johnny Drille, known for his soulful and unique sound, brings his creative touch to the project, while Honey Adum’s contribution adds to the sonic landscape.

Di’Ja has been recognized for her versatility in exploring different musical genres, and “Aphropop Vol.2” is anticipated to continue this trend. The opening track, “Half of Me,” is likely to give listeners a glimpse into the overall theme and vibe of the upcoming project.

As fans eagerly await the full release of “Aphropop Vol.2,” “Half of Me” offers an early taste of Di’Ja’s musical direction and the exciting collaborations that contribute to the project’s production. The combination of Di’Ja’s vocals, Johnny Drille’s production, and Honey Adum’s creative input creates anticipation for what the complete album has in store.

Di’Ja – Half of Me (prod. Johnny Drille and Honey Adum)

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24 November 2023
1 Song, 2 minutes
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