DillanPonders – King Of The Town (Audio, Lyrics)

DillanPonders - King Of The Town (prod. BVB)

DillanPonders is here with “King Of The Town”. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song produced by BVB.

Dillanponders King Of The Town
Dillanponders King Of The Town

Toronto’s DillanPonders is about to close the year with some heat. On Friday, the rapper came through with his latest single, “King Of The Town” before dropping a brand new project Friday. The rapper’s latest single follows the release of “Disturbia” ft. Allan Rayman and “Jungle” ft. Ruby Waters. All three records have showcased different sides of his artistry but he offers even more personal anecdotes on this one while showcasing just how good he can rap.

The rapper’s new single is the final offering off of Because We’re Alive which arrives this Friday, Dec. 11th. Because We’re Alive serves as his official follow-up to 2019’s KNOWHERE that includes appearances from IDK, Faiza, and Devontée.

DillanPonders – King Of The Town (prod. BVB)


(B-BVB in this motherfucker)

Lot of people only hold you down just to watch you drown
I been smoking on that potent, got the loudest gas in town
Got that, uh, got that, ooh, got that supersonic sound
Autobots been rollin’ out, we act like Megatron’s around
Bitches tend to send me nudies, need a folder for these pics
Put the whole world on my shoulder, got a boulder on my head
Got some Waka Flocka Flame on the Google Drive, it’s do or die
You been tryna lie and that’s the big difference between you and I
Smoking on a blunt, I’m drinking whiskey while I’m coming down
Always chase the money, first you hunt it, then you run it down
Lost my boy Jermaine, I always wonder why they gunned him down
Bun it down, when I got the pack, it adds a hunnid pounds
Open the door, taking a look and I open it more
Thinking back to when my parents divorced
Honestly, they were preparing me for it
Not like they both didn’t care anymore
But the love that they had wasn’t there anymore
I never judged and I never questioned
I know they both know they’re very adored
I’m into, ugh, I’m into rolling the dice
I’m into working and booking a show every night
I’m into being myself and choosing who I want in my life
I’m into, ugh, I’m into self-medication
Up in the Alps meditating
All of it started in my basement
All in my head is where they been
I’ve been wondering where they went
Nigga, I’m too blessed, I’m amen
I need five O’s in my bank
I need blunt smoke in my whip
I can wake you
Trapped in a place that you can’t relate to
Hoes send me shit just to masturbate to
Started this tape way back in April

King of the town, think it’s time to burn it down
Lot of people hold you down just so they can watch you drown
Lotta, ugh, lotta work, lotta whiskey, lotta pounds
Yeah, I been a hardbody, OG with narcotics
Ounce in the jar, bodied that within an hour probably
Hopped in a hotbox, I can barely see my body
All my flows on wasabi, all my guys ride for me
They would die for me probably, fold a beat like origami

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