Doechii – Swamp B*tches (ft. Rico Nasty) (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2022-08-15

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Doechii features Rico Nasty on the new song, “Swamp B*tches” which is produced by Kal Banx.

Doechii Swamp Btches

Doechii Swamp Btches

Both Doechii and Rico have been tagged as being “alternative rappers” or artists helping to reinvent Alternative Hip Hop. However, it seems that, like many of their peers, they’re two eclectic personalities pushing the boundaries of Rap, making them standouts during an era of music where duplicates aren’t hard to find.

Doechii – Swamp B*tches (ft. Rico Nasty) (prod. Kal Banx)

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[Intro: Doechii]
I’m just one bitch with three baths, I could shit all day (Shit all day)
I got small tits, two nips, you could suck broad day (Suck broad day)
I piss fifties and leave the seat up
Doechii bottom feeder to Doechii the Don Diva
Walking over niggas and bitches then kick my feet up
‘Cause I’m a— I’m a diva
Nigga, check my bracket and tell me I ain’t a keeper
This outfit’ll cause a fever
This ass’ll make ’em believers
My jacket chinchilla cheetah
I’m wetter than Hurr’ Katrina

[Verse 1: Doechii]
Wet like Trina, ass on Frida
Queen lil’ Sheeba, she a lil’ diva
Face like ‘Retha, shoes on bleeder
Call her Miss Johnson, real John Cena
Anything to squeeze her, please her, she a real diva
She don’t like men, me neither
Shawty wanna treat her, eat her, rockstar Beatles
Shawty want a red two-seater
That ain’t a Rollie, that’s a Casio
Ain’t hopped a porch, or step or patio
You must’ve missed the drip and slipped inside
The pussy tighter than Spaghetti-O
Bitch, I’m in love with this scenario (Bitch, I’m in love)
I need some drugs for this scenario (I need some drugs)
I need a check or cash, a leather bag
Or I’ma need blood for this scenario
Lil’ white bitch on Depop, she a lil’ teapot
Two left feet, them Reeboks
Shawty did freelance, now she a free thot
Should’ve never left the bitch alone with my sea-moss
Now the bitch skip-hip-hoppin’ in my Reeboks
Talking ’bout a detox, pussy like a beatbox
All grown up, bitch lookin’ like Selena
That booty cheap but you can go cheaper
That booty cheap (Cheap)
Ain’t even peep, I need that booty for keeps
That booty reek (Reek)
Ain’t even cheap, that booty fake, got a leak (I need a, I need a, I need a)
I need a freak like an animal, freak like a cannibal
She highly flammable, freak like a merry-go
Let me jump inside of shawty pussy like a cannonball
Freak, freak, freak, freak

[Bridge: Doechii]
Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha (Freak, freak)
Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha (Freak, freak, freak, freak, freak, freak)
Neat freak, neat freak, neat freak, neat freak, neat freak

[Verse 2: Doechii]
I wish death on all of you bitches
I blew fifty racks in one summer
I think I deserve a new Hummer
I still clap for bitches I’m front of
That rap bitch must be the new runner
Mad they can’t predict how I’ll stunt
Just make sure it’s chips with my lunch
Diamonds bustin’ out to my fronts
And niggas smoke dick ’cause Doechii too blunt

[Verse 3: Rico Nasty]
I whoop hoes like I’m a new belt
Popeye strong ’cause I eat my kale
Like mine dark, don’t fuck with no Mayo
Cause a scene ’cause I’ma post bail (Free me)
Feelin’ like boulders, chip on my shoulders
Won’t tip over, still at the top
Sold your soul, these bitches so bogus, how you bold?
I can’t see the font
They wanna police us, shout out to my nieces
Stay on the defense, niggas is leeches
Can’t take Plan B, moved on to Plan C
Wild like a banshee, my niggas is apes
You bitches chimpanzees, at the party like Gatsby
I’m where the tools and the gats be
I don’t get jet lagged, I just take BC
I’m that bitch, there won’t be a repeat
Simon says the belt is BB
Nickname CC, coulda bought CCs
Didn’t want DDs, suck on my PP
Niggas so Pee-Wee, money green like seaweed
Balenci’ beanie
You small ball bitch, must’ve been a preemie
Eating on lamb, I forgot the ‘ghini
Don’t try this at home, make this shit look easy, easy, easy
My money fleek, fleek, body petite
Killin’ these bitches, they know it was me
Bitch, she can’t think for herself, so we call her a sheep, sheep, sheep
Lil’ Bo Peep (Haha)
Bravado on my jeans, luggage I’m rollin’ around Louis V
Got on Red Bottoms, feel like Cardi B
Got heat wit’ the Rico, that bitch started singin’ like she was on Glee

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