Don Q – Legends (ft. Benny The Butcher) (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Date 2020-08-08

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Don Q on “Legends” collaborates with Benny The Butcher. Listen, stream, buy, watch the video, mp3 download, read the lyrics to the song produced by Go Grizzly & BricksDaMane.

'don Q Legends

‘don Q Legends

Don Q is levelling up in every way possible. Though 2017 was slated to be a huge year for him, we’ve witnessed Highbridge The Label claims their stake on the charts and the in the game with the success of A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. The pair recently linked up for the Lil Uzi Vert-assisted, “Flood My Wrist,” and now, Don Q’s come through with a brand new heater alongside Benny The Butcher. From NYC to Buffalo, Don Q and Benny The Butcher flex their bar-work on their new single, “Legends.” With plenty of references for the d-boys and trappers, Don Q and Benny The Butcher prove that real street rap is still alive and active.

Don Q – Legends (ft. Benny The Butcher) (prod. Go Grizzly & BricksDaMane)

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[Intro: Don Q]
Don, yeah
Big, yeah

[Chorus: Don Q]
All I want is my flowers given to me, while I can smell ’em (While I can smell ’em)
Don’t wait ’til I’m dead and gone, to tell me how I’m a legend (Tell me how I’m a legend)

[Verse 1: Don Q]
You know that you dead wrong, you sayin’ I ain’t excellin’
And if they think he iron, he gon’ get his iron a stretcher (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I got a thing for fast cash, hoes and foreign vehicles
Feel good to make it out on your own, when no one needed you
I cannot give a handout to those that wasn’t reachin’ out (How?)
Oh now you need assistance? (Uh)
Where was you? ‘Cause it was only a few I can name, before the fame that really seen the vision (That seen the vision)
When it was me and my dawg talkin’ like Peter Griffin
Thinking how to get the snakes in the garden, the key from [?] (Yeah)
The streets’ll test you and give you a lesson when the teacher winnin’ (Yeah)
Don King status, I belong on a throne (I belong a throne)
Why I gotta share my wins and take my losses alone? (Take my losses alone)
Tell me why I gotta settle for less when I know my right?
Tell me how I make it to the top floor from below the gravel? (Gravel)
I’m surrounded by royalty, I made my home a castle (I made my home a-)
Sharp is the bow and arrow
Any dunk, I can throw em at you
You got a better chance dodgin’ a shark tryna row a paddle
I told ’em if I depart then my city gon’ mold a statue

[Chorus: Don Q]
All I want is my flowers given to me, while I can smell ’em (While I can smell ’em, nigga, yeah)
Don’t wait ’til I’m dead and gone, to tell me how I’m a legend (Yeah, yeah, yeah, bitch)

I’m carrying all the steals from cherishing all my kills
Paid three stacks for the pair, ain’t wore ’em still
Heard my man got knocked with a brick and I caught a chill
Before he copped out the twenty, he buried a quarter mil (Ha)
Real plug, pass that magic, you know my status (You know)
Dope ask can they have it? Before I grab it (Alone)
Fuck whipping work sometimes, you gotta stab it
Fuck waiting on opportunities, you gotta grab it
I turn your hood to Vietnam, fuck with me and Don (Brr)
Diss the K, we freezing arms, in undefeated bars
It take more than that to be a boss
No misdemeanors, you gotta let us prick your fingers just to be involved
Mob shit
Can’t take the credit, this God’s gift
Got fish, nigga, my dope jumpin’ like John Smith (Uh)
This for my stay down niggas who got rich
I had it made, ’cause I was raised by niggas who buy bricks
Could’ve be Malcom X but I’d rather be Rich Porter
After a big order, clappin’ a Sig Sauer
My team full of A1 niggas and rich lawyer
Spending your lil’ money ain’t making that bitch loyal (Nah)
Could’ve never imagined how it’s panning out (How it’s panning out)
You buy guns to stash ’em but we hand ’em out (Straight, nigga)
The coach called the play and I ran in route
That’s how I fed my whole block, hand in mouth
Let’s go

[Chorus: Don Q]
All I want is my flowers given, while I can smell ’em (While I can smell ’em, nigga, yeah)
Don’t wait ’til I’m dead and gone, to tell me how I’m a legend (Yeah, yeah, yeah, bitch)

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