Earl Sweatshirt – Old Friend (ft. The Alchemist) (Audio, Lyrics)

Earl Sweatshirt - Old Friend (prod. The Alchemist)

Listen to Earl Sweatshirt’s “Old Friend” song produced by The Alchemist. The song is off the album, ‘SICK!’. Read the lyrics, stream, buy, mp3 download.

Earl Sweatshirt Old Friend
Earl Sweatshirt Old Friend

Earl Sweatshirt – Old Friend (prod. The Alchemist)


Mm-mm, mm-mm, uh

Strong spirit where the body couldn’t get asylum
The cost of living high, don’t cross the picket line and get the virus
Wild cat has got ’em in a bind, stay inside
Know I came from out the thicket smilin’
Mad hatters cappin’ every line
It doesn’t matter to the ten of five
They start hackin’ when they can’t shrink us
I found the middle in a bit of balance
Fever in the cabin
I knew where we was headed
I ain’t countin’ no blessings, I sure as shit could measure
Blinkin’ for some feasible methods to free yourself
Split it with my hand like cigarill’s
Slick oil in a fish’ gill
I fill a void with the pen, feel the fear, shrill
Couple stains that I couldn’t shield
My brother, Brain, that we couldn’t shield
Couple came, couple went still
And what remain of the wolves, nil
I held the page, gave the book ears
Whispered “Thanks”, hella pain, heavy rain in the Catskills
Played the shade, quite a deal, glad we stayed friends

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