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Eva Alordiah – Friend Or Foe (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Listen, Download Mp3, read Lyrics and watch the official video to Friend or Foe by rapper, Eva Alordiah. The song was produced by Jesse Alordiah.

Eva Alordiah Friend Or Foe (prod. Jesse Alordiah)

Eva Alordiah Friend Or Foe (prod. Jesse Alordiah)

Eva Alordiah begins 2020 with a Bang as she releases sizzling Music video for ‘FRIEND OR FOE‘, and quickly raises the bar for Hiphop in the new year. The song was produced by Stardom 2019’s Music Producer of the Year, Jesse Alordiah, and the video features beautiful cameo appearances from some of Eva’s female fans. Enjoy and Share everywhere!

Eva Alordiah – Friend Or Foe (prod. Jesse Alordiah)

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Oh my God
Shut my mouth
Keep it cool, let the work speak
Keep it cool, let the work speak

[Verse 1]
What you do with all that money coming in, I cannot decide
I’m just glad I do not have to worry when they call the price
All of a sudden everybody wants to speak their mind
Only listen to myself, I won’t be needing your advice
I know the ones rooting for me, I know where the love is
Do not come around faking it like I don’t notice
You know I’m busy, I’m really busy
There is nothing we can talk about

You don’t have to see me
Really! look
Time is all I have and I don’t give it for free
I’m only taking a sit if I know we sealing the deal
I’m back here where I belong
Baby I’m like fish in the sea
I been away for very long but I’m still in the lead
Oh God
This people make it easy for me
I really like some competition money (?)
Because it’s boring, it’s getting boring
I’m really lonely
I give you time to catch up but you coming slowly

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