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Mpmania Mix 39

Evidence – “Moving On Up” (ft. Conway The Machine) [Audio, Lyrics]

American rapper, Evidence unveils “Moving On Up” featuring Conway The Machine. The song was produced by Daringer. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the song.

Evidence Moving On Up

Evidence Moving On Up

Evidence touched down with Unlearning Vol. 1 on Friday. The album has quite a few gems, but “Moving On Up” featuring Conway the Machine stands out. The beat is comprised of funky piano keys and boom-bap drums. An excited guitar drops in for a few erratic moments timed perfectly with the childish yet haunting pianos. A Kanye West vocal sample is thrown into the hook giving the beat a little more spice. It’s truly a great beat.

Evidence and Conway’s flow fit perfectly between the patient percussions. Both rappers opt to spit slow and clear bars, taking their time to articulate every word. There’s just something about the vibe on this one that has me running “Moving On Up” on repeat.

Evidence – Moving On Up (ft. Conway The Machine) (prod. Daringer)


[Verse 1: Evidence]
I wrote this on an Amsterdam canal
I rode a wave and left the ocean dry without a towel
Ghetto bastard
Ain’t no father to this style
Father figure
Fight the devil
Like the Golden Child
They told me, “Ev, you gonna smell your roses”
I told them, “we don’t smell the flowers, we just hold our noses”
Walking freely
I don’t go where I’m supposed ta
I got my friends
Got my enemies
But foes are closer
No energy no maintenance
Some are in between
I call those ones acquaintances
In life there’s some things you can’t get over quietly
Making shit that’s notable
But not for notoriety
My hunger never left
My ribs are touching my chest
I’m at my best
Dictionary definition of fresh
A picture of E
Place in pole position is me
Hit the throttle then decide where i’m intended to be
So what the fuck

[Chorus: Evidence]
Ayo we moving on up
Another day another buck
It never stops
So I never stop chasing my dream
As the world keep turning
Only say what I mean

[Verse 2: Evidence]
I wrote this on the first thing I could find to write it
On an envelope
I never opened up inside it
I’m a writer so my hand is guided
I don’t fight it
Attract the company that I invited
It’s from a higher source
And I of course
Am enlightened
Bringing all the thunder and the lightning
Wondering about the moves I made and all the shade I curved
It’s like they don’t react to actions
They relate to words
Learned my patterns and my habits
Made adjustments
Just enough so I can say I trust them
I’m a drummer so I make percussion
Never hurry
So I’m never rushing
Except my blood
Different discussion
Always into something
No stopping when i’m emptying
And always into something
Like Dr Dre and MC Ren

Never at the function
They know just where i’m going to
An open book
I’d like to tell you what I’m going through

[Chorus: Evidence]
Ayo we moving on up
Another day another buck
It never stops
So I never stop chasing my dream
As the world keep turning
Always say what I mean

[Verse 3: Conway the Machine]
Look, I wrote this in my basement, smokin’, facin’
Drinking this Henny straight, I don’t do chasers
In many states I still got open cases
In any case, have your shit straight when you approach a gangster
We broke in places, pistol-whip Lyor with broken faces
Teeth fucked up, you gonna need braces
Probably a few missing, there’s gonna be spaces
I go to places where you need your toast and drove a spaceship
Your flow is basic, think you’re fucking with me, you smokin’, basin
I’ve been low on patience with these rappers, yeah, I’ve grown impatient
The pole is blazin’, I slide on niggas like stolen bases
God blessed me with opportunity, they hope I waste it
I don’t know why niggas be so focused on hopeless hatin’
Niggas ain’t even relevant, me and evidence, most prevalent
The flow is heaven sent, it’s evident
The most benevolent, rocking my fashion rebel lettermen
Got duct tape and rope in the same trunk I keep a shovel in

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