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Mpmania Mix 39

Mpmania Mix 39

Falz – Johnny (JJD) (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Falz Falana returns with “Johnny”. Watch the video, listen, stream, buy, mp3 download, read the lyrics to the song produced by TMXO. The video was directed by OluTheWave.

Falz Johnny

Falz Johnny

Johnny‘ is taken from ‘Moral Instruction‘, the 4th solo studio album by Falz TheBahdGuy released in 2019 which housed the Hit tracks; ‘Talk‘ & ‘Hypocrite‘ featuring Demmie Vee.

There is a dire need for us to redefine the concept of humanity and morality. There is a pressing need for re-education and re-orientation of the people. For this is the only way we can restore sanity’. – Folarin Falana.

‘Moral Instruction’ released by BahdGuys Entertainment Limited, under exclusive license to Jungle Entertainment Ventures releases is an album that contains deep words/lyrics of moral acts. The album house 9 special tracks with guest artiste like Demmie VeeChillz and SESS. The tracks from the “Moral Instruction” album embodies portions of the composition of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti’s “Johnny Just Drop”, “Zombie” and “Coffin For Head”.

The wordplay on this track is madt! Lyrics Deep! He talks about the sufferings of the everyday common Nigerian, from the common Nigerian to the elites to the police to the government.

This new music video by Falz is Dedicate to All the fallen Heroes of #EndSars. He further stresses that Justice Must Be Served! Every Single Person Responsible For These Gruesome Acts Must Be Brought To Book. It’s Time To Get Our PVC’s Ready, “The Power Of The People Is Greater Than The People In Power”.

On ‘Johnny Video’ Falz introduced the recent Killings of Nigerian Youths by The Nigerian Police Men and also the Lekki Massacre (The Killings of Peaceful protesters at the Lekki Toll-Gate In Lagos). This visual is touching, it will strike your soul and hit the heart…

Falz – Johnny (prod. TMXO)

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“JOHNNY” Production Credits;
– Lyrics, Vocals & Recording: Folarinde Falana (Falz)
– Music Production: TMXO
– Sound Engineering: Yinka Olawoye (Focus Ramon)


[Intro: Fela Kuti]
J.J.D, J.J.D
J.J.D, J.J.D, J.J.D Johnny Just Drop!

Everybody say yeah yeah
J.J.D, J.J.D, J.J.D, J.J.D
J.J.D, J.J.D, J.J.D Johnny Just Drop!
Everybody say yeah yeah (loops…)

[Verse 1: Falz]
Johnny just drop
Na person shoot am down
Johnny wey dey innocent
Johnny wey dey new in town

J.J.D, J.J.D, J.J.D, J.J.D
J.J.D, J.J.D, J.J.D Johnny Just Drop!

They kill am for Jos
For no just cause
Nobody fit commot for house
Dem no born us

Johnny no get privilege
But Johnny want more
Him wan go study
Johnny say him wan be doctor
Him family die for the same flaws (floors)
Same floors wey him blood pour
Why we no fit be one bros?
Why you wasting all the blood for?
Shey na religion abi culture?
Abi politician wey dey sponsor?
Wetin be the thing wey dey cause war?
Wey you no stop to dey draw blood
Why do you need to swing the machete
What is the point of the gunshot
Pause… Johnny Just Drop

J.J.D, J.J.D, J.J.D, J.J.D
J.J.D, J.J.D, J.J.D Johnny Just Drop!

(Everybody say yeah yeah)
Huhn, Johnny just Drop
For no just cause
Huhn, go

[Verse 2: Falz]
Huhn, Johnny come Johnny go
Johnny just complete him youth service
Passing out tomorrow, So the guys dem do party
For the place wey the boys dem dey meet usually
One or two drinks to relax no be say dem too shack

Time don go, night don show
Make dem come go house
Who stand for road? make I horn o
Na ehm popo shout!
Park there! where your particulars? and where
Do you think that you’re going like this?
Ni wo yi ale,
E’rope ele ma be?
Teba soro ju e ma te
Una don run go chop life oya give me my share!
Before dem talk one, he say “shut up!
Small boy! Who dash you liver? talk more I go cork gun
Small time he don pull trigger ah!
He don kill am o!

[Interlude: Fela Kuti]
We’re gonna have a short break
Every body say yeah yeah

[Verse 3: Falz]
Johnny Just Drop
Na popo shoot am down
This motherfucking trigger happy nigga
Just cause unnecessary sorrow for him family sha
All because dem no oblige you
When you ask for some cash
No fucking threats no weapons
Just him and his guys in his car
You have the guts too tell me
You accidentally discharged?!

J.J.D, J.J.D, J.J.D, J.J.D

Madman! waka! you be bloody bastard!
You waste a life and try to tell me
That you sorry after
Trying times and dark days
It’s just becoming darker
It’s still the same sad story
Just another chapter

J.J.D, J.J.D, J.J.D, J.J.D
J.J.D, J.J.D, J.J.D Johnny Just Drop!

Johnny drop for Borno
Johnny kpie for Plateau
Some blame it on religion
Some dey fight for Malu
Johnny drop for Lagos
Cause a foolish man overdo
If Johnny continue to drop
Eyan melo lo ma ku!

J.J.D Johnny Just Drop!

[Outro: Fela Kuti & Falz]
Eyan melo lo ma ku!
Everybody say yeah yeah
Thank you brothers and sisters
See you later
Eyan melo lo ma ku!

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