Flee Lord – Line Stay Buzzin (Audio, Lyrics)

Flee Lord - Line Stay Buzzin (prod. GodBLESSbeatz)

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Flee Lord Line Stay Buzzin
Flee Lord Line Stay Buzzin

Yesterday, New York rapper Flee Lord came through with another project, following up the recent Pray For The Evil 2 which arrived a little over a month ago. This time he’s lined up Lord Talk Trilogy, a concise and expectedly grimy ten-song effort that clocks in at a reasonable twenty-seven-minute runtime. Should you pine for the spirit of Mobb Deep’s early music, or the high-intensity work of Onyx and Sticky Fingaz’ solo music, Flee Lord might be exactly what the doctor ordered.

For those unfamiliar with what the Prodigy protege brings to the table, look no further than the early highlight “Line Stay Buzzin’,” a piano-driven underground banger that’s as grimy as they come. “Griselda gave me light, now I’m taking flight,” he spits, alluding to his affiliation with Conway The Machine, Westside Gunn, and Benny The Butcher. “Twelve drops in twelve months, I ain’t sellin’ nathan white / kids eatin’, touring now, ain’t no crib-leaving / gotta hold a conference call if we need a big meeting.”

Flee Lord – Line Stay Buzzin (prod. GodBLESSbeatz)

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I had to light this genre
That’s why I asked you to bring it back
Okay, okay
Okay, okay

Started on the staircase, now we needing air space (Uh huh)
If I wasn’t rapping, I’d be robbin’ niggas bare face
Struggle after struggle, I bubble till I double (Till I double)
Recorded by the law, I’m on shit but I’m humble (humble)
Griselda gave me light, now I’m taking flight
Twelve drops, twelve months I ain’t selling [?] the fight (Uh huh)
Kids eating, [?]
Ain’t no cribs leaving
Gotta hold the conference call, if we need a big meeting
COVID tried to stop us, and [?] without would rot us
Send the stress in my direction and I’d go inside my pockets
Still blowin’ on the baccy, all these hoes don’t attract me
When that real bag drop, I’m a open up a factory
Fly neighbors, vibin’, getting high (high) in the skyscraper
[?] ashes on the front of a side [?]
Sipping Pellegrino, with my niggas sellin’ kilos
Some niggas got jobs, all different ghetto people
Eating rare ices
But I’m sitting in the sun, livin’ on the [?]
Lord switchin’ different guns
Huh? Yeah
Servin’ in the [?]
Lord switchin’ different guns
Horns stay buzzin’ (Horns stay buzzin’)
Ho, the climb ain’t nothin’ (The climb ain’t nothin’)
You on the same album? (You on the same album?)
I just slayed a dozen (I just did twelve)
Work ethic legendary (Work ethic legendary)
First slap was secondary (The first slap was secondary)
We be [?] hangin’ like a purse (*ringtone sounds*)
‘Cause the [?] was secondary

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