Flo Milli – Like That B*tch (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2020-06-21

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Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download, read the lyrics to “Like That Bitch” by Flo Milli. The song was produced by J. White Did It.

Flo Milli Like That Bitch

Flo Milli Like That Bitch

Flo Milli has come through with her latest single, “Like That Bitch,” in a string of releases this year already. Flo Milli may be fresh on the scene, but she’s been working exceptionally hard since she started garnering attention for her breakout single, “Beef FloMix,” last year. The rapper has put out a handful of back-to-back singles this year in preparation for her upcoming debut EP, Ho, Why Is You Here? out next month.

While her youthful, slightly whiny cadence and point blank delivery may not be for everyone, Flo Milli has made it abundantly clear that she does not concern herself with the opinions of others. On “Like That Bitch,” she maintains the specific brand of girly, unapologetic confidence she’s been building since she started.

Flo Milli – Like That Bitch (prod. J. White Did It)


I walk around like that bitch (Bitch)
I walk around like that bitch (Bitch)
I walk around like that bitch (Bitch) (Huh? What?)
I walk around like that bitch (Bitch) (Flo Milli, shit haha)
(Flo Milli shit)

[Verse 1]
I go shopping ’til that time pass (Yeah)
You look for the clearance rack (Bitch)
I don’t look at price tags (Broke hoe)
I buy shit with straight cash
Bitch, you broke, you financed (Yeah)
Big top, small legs, bitch built like a wine glass (Haha)
Talking all that shit but she can’t see me with her blind ass (Pussy hoe)
Her boyfriend in my DM’s saying, “Ooh, I need your fine ass” (Hey, haha)
We can take it there but baby, you gon’ have to write back (What?)
Heard that they was lookin’ for me, well bitch, I’m in my bag (Hold on, haha)
He already convinced so I don’t gotta say too much (What’s up?)
Girl, I know your baby daddy wanna fuck (He want me)
Every Wednesday, I’m that nigga woman crush (Hey)
Even if I broke my leg and used a crutch

I walk around like that bitch (Haha) (I’m that bitch, I’m that bitch)
I walk around like that bitch (Bitch)
I walk around like that bitch (Bitch) (Hey, haha)
I walk around like that bitch (Bitch)

[Verse 2]
I walk around like that bitch ’cause I am that
This week, I done made so much money, it’s hard to count that (Money)
Got it out the mud, I was the same one that they laughed at (Pussy hoes)
Then I bounced back
My life is a movie, this the soundtrack
I walk around like I’m it, ha, not the clown
All these bitches watered down
I’m the queen, I got the crown
He be tryna link up but I’m always outta town (What?)
Bitches only talk down when they know I’m not around
All they do is talk shit like a toilet with some lips
Bitches hatin’ ’cause I’m rich, hoe, you broke, you need a fix (Ooh)
Actin’ light with that beef, I didn’t know that you exist (Who are you?)
Gettin’ money is a must like no deodorant on your pits
Put a brand new Rollie on my wrist
I ain’t worried ’bout hoes, I been on my shit (Pussy)
I do what I want, I say what I want
Don’t bite my tongue, don’t hold my lip
I know they hate
You would think I was a nigga by the way these hoes be on my dick (What?)
Same hoes, they know their niggas wanna hit
And my pussy bomb, tick, tick, tick, boom (Yeah)
Bitches be heated, I’m cool (Ha)
Eat up the bitch, need a spoon (What?)
You know I’m Flo Milli and if it’s a milli on the floor, I need me a broom
I’on tell hoes not ’cause hoes tell, I need a key to the room (Bye)
I’m ’bout to get married and you already know that Benjamin Franklin the groom (Honey)
Yeah, I did the shit and they doubted
I’m tryna fly on a private (Ooh)
She tryna ride on his privates (Ew)
Baby, we different, you know how I’m livin’
You know that I’m keepin’ it silent (Shh)
Bitch, if we beefin’, I’m ’bout it (Haha)

I walk around like that bitch (I’m that bitch)
I walk around like that bitch (Bitch)
I walk around like that bitch (Bitch)
I walk around like that bitch (Bitch)

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