French Montana & Harry Fraud – Kind Of Girl (ft. Rick Ross) (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2022-07-02

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French Montana & Harry Fraud unveil the song, “Kind Of Girl” off their joint album. The piece of new music features Rick Ross and was produced by Harry Fraud. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the track.

French Montana Montega

French Montana Montega

Joint albums that arrive when rappers and producers team up are widely celebrated in Hip Hop, and days ago, French Montana and Harry Fraud finally shared with the world their full project. French and Fraud delivered Montega, a record that takes a step back from the sounds that have taken over Rap in recent years and instead, highlights productions that bleed New York City.

Features on Montega are nothing to mess with as the joint project features looks from Chinx, Quavo, EST Gee, Babyface Ray, Benny The Butcher, Jadakiss, and Rick Ross. Rozay’s addition to “Kind of Girl” was definitely a song that fans took to social media about, so it only made sense that we highlight this vibe.

French Montana & Harry Fraud – Kind Of Girl (ft. Rick Ross) (prod. Harry Fraud)


[Intro: Lou Courtney]
You are just the kind of girl I always wanted
When I was a little boy, thinkin’ ’bout bein’ grown
Now that I’m a man, you come along
And I cannot let you go ’cause I know
I want you for very long
(La musica de Harry Fraud)
So I say—

[Verse 1: Rick Ross & Lou Courtney]
All my bitches ask me how many bitches I got (Got)
Can you count the raindrops as you look in the sky? (Sky)
Are you my main bitch or just a chick on the side? (Chick on the side)
Can I trust you with some chips or just keys to my ride? (Huh)
If you’re not a soldier then you’re just wastin’ my time
I chase money, that tequila, I lace it with lime (Lace it with lime)
So infectious with this flow but this took me some time (Uh)
Sky miles up to ass but she’s one of a kind (You are—, woo)
You meet the quotas, then you get to serenade (Woo)
Croc’ loafers, long sleeves, silks be tailor made (Boss)
Black chauffeurs who open to doin’ anything (Yeah)
It’s amazin’ the jealousy all this cheddar bring (Cheddar bring)
I can see a million with a pair of dice (Woo, dice)
Ankle monitors loggin’ me on the satellites (I see ’em)
It’s Basquiat boss when it come to paint
And when I’m followin’ my heart, don’t tell me what I can’t (What I can’t)

[Bridge: Rick Ross & Lou Courtney]
You are just the kind of girl I always wanted (Woo)
Oh (When I was a little boy, M-M—)
You gotta be special to catch my eye, shorty (Thinkin’ ’bout bein’ grown)
And if you do catch my eye, you gotta be a motherfucker to keep me (Now that I’m a man, you come along, and I cannot let you go ’cause I know)
I’m a young nigga that done been around the world sixty-one times (I want you for very long)
(Coke Boy, baby)

[Verse 2: French Montana]
I was pushing that H by the izzo (By the izzo)
I was bustin’ down them Oreos like Lizzo (Oreos like Lizzo)
I was hustlin’ on the block, then bought the corner street
That high got me feelin’ like Quaaludes from Wolf of Wall Street (Wolf of Wall Street)
I was caught up with that white girl like I’m Tiger Woods (Woods)
On them painkillers (Killers), but I’m drivin’ good (Drivin’ good)
She wanna fuck for hours ’cause my money long
Droppin’ bags (Droppin’ bags), they call me, “Mr. Get-Your-Tummy-Gone” (Tummy gone)
Michael Jackson with the glove, word to Mother Catherine (Mother Catherine)
Like the pirates from Somalia, Coke Boy Captain (Coke Boy Captain)
The helicopters from the Hamptons, tryna beat the traffic (Beat the traffic)
Then I dip out like Kawhi Leonard did the Raptors (Did the Raptors)
I was poppin’ on them pepas like Farruko (Like Farruko)
Stuck on the island like I’m Robinson Crusoe (Robinson Crusoe)
That’s offshore for IRS, for the loopholes (For the loopholes)
They said it’s lonely at the top but check the view, though (Check the view, though)

[Outro: Rick Ross & Lou Courtney]
You are just the kind of girl I always wanted
Even rich niggas need inspiration, shawty (When I was a little boy)
Inspiration the only thing I can’t buy (Thinkin’ ’bout bein’ grown)
And I don’t finance
Now that I’m a man, you come along, and I cannot let you go

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