G Perico – It’s True (remix) (ft. Boogie Fre$h) (Audio)

Date 2021-11-24

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G Perico drops the lyrics for the song, “It’s True” with Boogie Fre$h. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download.

G Perico It's True (remix)

G Perico It’s True (remix)

There are very few rappers that still bring that old-school West Coast player vibe the way G Perico does. The L.A. rapper has been on an impeccable run this year with the release of numerous projects, including Free and Lover Boy Slim, but it looks like he’s still not quite done flooding the streets with new music.

This week, the rapper returned with his latest single, “It’s True (Remix)” ft. Boogie Fre$h. This one, in particular, encapsulated the laid back, soulful vibes of the West Coast with G-Funk synths riding out throughout the record. Lyrically, Perico and Boogie make it clear that it’s always going to be money over women.

G Perico – It’s True (remix) (ft. Boogie Fre$h)

Quotable Lyrics
I be fuckin’ you my best, then I gotta leave
Make you break a sweat, fuckin’ up your weave
Last time that you text, left you on seen
Next time that you trip, watch that message turn green


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