Goodie Mob – Are You Ready (ft. Chuck D) (Audio, Lyrics)

Goodie Mob - Are You Ready (ft. Chuck D)

Goodie Mob is here with a single tagged “Are You Ready” featuring Chuck D. Listen, watch lyric video, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song.

Goodie Mob Are You Ready
Goodie Mob Are You Ready

Goodie Mob and Public Enemy were two of the most influential groups of the 90s, with their poignant social observations taking on a new relevance today.

They’re also both no strangers to rock music. Public Enemy famously linked up with heavy metal band Anthrax for their remix of “Bring the Noise” and Goodie Mob have been dabbling in full-fledged rock since 1998’s Still Standing.

Their new collaboration sees the supergroup of rappers attacking (literally) the guitar-heavy production with equally aggressive flows. It’s definitely a throwback sound.

Public Enemy recently announced a return to their bombastic brand of hip hop with a new album on Def Jam but we can only speculate whether or not Goodie Mob is also planning a comeback as a unit with a new album. It’s been seven years since their latest release as a group with 2013’s Age Against the Machine.

Goodie Mob – Are You Ready (ft. Chuck D)

Lyric Video


[Chuck D:]
Calling, calling the ATL south and the whole entire world
Get up, get into it involved
Looks like a job for the Goodie Mob lets work

Standing in the middle of harms way
Were all of the guns play
No father home affects the feng shui
The pastor prays for harambe
Before every urbanite is underneath the ash like Pompeii
Look what they’ve done to us far beyond music
Jesus could’ve been John Lewis but I can’t prove it
But I could be the conduit to reconnect to it
And we are the ones that people expect to do it
Back to business and being blacks the business and anything less than that is sacrilegious
You see a rap for spitters and clap back for niggas
All the way until the mothership comes back to get us

Are you ready, are you ready, are you ready
Are you ready, are you ready, are you ready
Are you ready, are you ready, are you ready
Come on

Niggas ain’t ready cuz they minds ain’t right
They don’t walk by faith man they walk by sight
They die by the knife cuz they live by the sword
They don’t give a damn about filling up the morgue
Ready for whatever program for destruction
Hard head stiff neck won’t learn instruction
Can’t be a king with your pants on the ground
Can’t be a queen trapping ass round town
You looking for love in all the wrong places
Thirteen colonies founded by masons
Chasing nightmares disguised as wet dream
Don’t hold your breath waiting on freedom to ring
You want reparations from your slave master
Everything good until you wanna by Alaska
Asking bout all the gold that they stole
How dare you put a price tag on my black soul

Are you ready, are you ready, Goodie Mob, Organized Noize, are you ready
Are you ready, are you ready, Goodie Mob ready

On top of my game
Deliver the same
Forever the shame
Is simple an plain
Like Mary to Jane
Avoiding the pain
Like yin to yang
And Jordan to Hanes
She giving me brains
And teaching me claim
The victory aim the
The pistol it pop
The enemy drops
He crooked like cops
Fraternity click
These people to slick
A daddy like trick
I hustle don’t quit
The intricate shit
My brothers are rich
We give and we get
Better with time
Never to kind
Keeping the shine
Fist in the air
Ain’t giving a care
My people are dying
And mamas are crying
Standing in line
My youngins
Are trying
Going to work pushing the pine
Focused and poise
Bringing the noise
Calling my boys
Never avoid
I’m training like Floyd
My ethic to work
Your gonna get hurt
Got blood on my shirt
A captain like curt
From second to first!

Are you ready, are you ready, are you ready, are you ready, are you ready
Goodie Mob, Organized Noize ready
Come on

[Big Gipp:]
Wake up every morning n black face
Sipping outta white cup
Looking at the rat race
Black hands with no hands
It’s a chess game
Cowboyz & rabbi’s
Its flex game hidden sex games
Money bet games
Let mutant flip tha script on this game
100 round dixks
40 exstendo clips
Ain’t no quarters n the street
The folks making hallo’s
Gipp got a fever
Make the feds wanna follow
Been backball since blackball
Ya baby daddy & ya baby mommy
Get horse dicked
I can tell by ya eyes
Ur azz counterfeit
We n tha land of
Tha have & have have nots
Blood drops and secret spots
Mexican pipe line
Pine trees the sky
Turn pink at night time

Are you ready, Goodie Mob, Organized Noize ready
Chuck D, Public Enemy ready
Close the curtains lights out roll the credits

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