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GRIP – Emo Stick (Audio, Lyrics)

Musical artist, GRIP unveils the new “Emo Stick” song produced by GTbeats & Dat Guy. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download.

Grip Emo Stick

Grip Emo Stick

A stickler for slick lyrics and rhymes, GRIP isn’t one to slack or take a line off. He boasts a prominent yet subtle intensity and intention, delivering each bar with a stark purpose. Poised and prepared, “Emo Stick” is a standalone lyrical exercise displaying some of the traits and talents GRIP has at his disposal. It isn’t a very serious track from a content/depth standpoint, opting for a showcase of ability instead (which is entirely acceptable and more than enjoyable).

One very noticeable thing about GRIP’s delivery and overall sonic profile is his affiliation with Shady Records. His sound fits perfectly into the longstanding Shady Records and Interscope puzzle. What separates him from some prior Shady Records signees is his variety and layered topics, prevalent in his projects. Recent bodies of work like Snubnose and I Died For This!? offer heartfelt entries alongside the wit and wordplay, demonstrating why a well-rounded approach can garner more genuine connection and intention.

“Emo Stick,” though, as a simple single, does what it was meant to do: send a message to those who believe they’re on his level. GRIP, for one, wholeheartedly disagrees.

GRIP – Emo Stick (prod. GTbeats & Dat Guy)


Yup, aha
Back on my bullshit, nah, nigga
I feel like MJ, I’m back on my bull shit, ahaha
(I’m Mike Jordan of these mic recordin’s, uh)
So, I ain’t gon’ goddamn– I ain’t gon’ rap ’til twenty-three
’til this shit hit twenty-three seconds, le’go
Yeah, look

GRIP is the best, period
Got mo’ flows than hoes on the monthly
My kicks cost like four o’s, the soles on them chunky
Gotta tote poles, my foes wanna skunk me
Bitch ass so fat, I had to stand up on my toes for the donkey
Shout out JID, I did Snubnose in a whole ‘nother country
Before that, I only did shows with my bros, they would pump me
Fast forward I’m on a roll, feelin’ comfy
I say all that to say: don’t bust a U-ey just ’cause the road a lil’ bumpy
Read a article that cited my peers as influences
Had me laughin’ in tears, my nigga, I been doin’ this
Move bitch, get out the way, my pen ludicrous
Back for the first time, your best raps can’t match with my worst rhymes
Product of liqs and drugs, and poverty stricken hoods
A brick a good that help you just like a lottery ticket would
Lames claim they sold cocaine in busted sneakers still
Let’s be for real, you ain’t eat a decent meal ’til you inked a deal
Went and bought some SI diamonds with your advance money
I was like, “Let me see your chain, bruh,” that nigga damn near ran from me
A local throwin’ jabs, but shit, I know this nigga lame
What, yo shit flop, so now you gotta troll to get a name?
Better than who? Boy, your moment was over when it came
See the lowest a nigga stoop too for exposure in this game?
Drop a album, my nigga, don’t rap to me from yo’ Honda
You think that’s some shit that I’m actually gon’ respond to?
I done conjured plans to hold the rap game for ransom
Just lost money in a crap game and threw a tantrum
Rappers say I’m a handful, the bitches say I’m handsome
Melanin skin, devilish grin, that’s Ruth’s grandson
Mama want me to go back to relationships I ran from
But all I see is green, text message from a Samsung
You couldn’t step a foot in the places me and my mans hung
Middle fingers up, this the anthem, hah

Don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit
Chopper sing you a sad song, that’s a emo stick
The flows is COVID, nigga couldn’t be more sick
I done hit, I can’t GO ’til my amigos hit
Don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit
Chopper sing you a sad song, that’s a emo stick
The flows is COVID, nigga couldn’t be more sick
I done hit, I can’t GO ’til my amigos hit, bitch

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